Pokemon Unite: Here are the best Pokemon to use in Panic Parade

Pokemon Unite Panic Parade

Alongside the second birthday event in Pokemon Unite is the Panic Parade PvE mode, but what are the best Pokemon to use in this mode?

Pokemon Unite is celebrating its second birthday with a number of different events including the Mewtwo Crystal Cave Challenge and the Second Anniversary Present. Tied into both of them is the Panic Parade, where players will need to defend an allied Tinkaton from waves upon waves of enemies. It also helps bring together Pokemon Scarlet and Violet with Unite in a big way.

The PvE mode is quite challenging for those who don’t know how to approach it, but there are a few tricks that can let players make deep runs and even pull off victories. Here are the best Pokemon to play in the Pokemon Unite Panic Parade, what to buy in the Event Point Shop, and how the game mode works.

How many waves are there in Panic Parade?

The Pokemon Unite Panic Parade game mode requires players to help Tinkaton survive up to 15 waves of enemies. The number of waves increases as players select higher difficulty modes. The lineup of enemies includes a mix of powered-up jungle Pokemon, objectives like Zapdos and Regigigas, and AI-controlled teams of playable Pokemon.

This may sound daunting but a team with good builds and coordination can actually win an extreme-difficulty game in under eight minutes, with the best teams in the world able to get close to five minutes. That said, this requires players to pick the best Pokemon Unite characters for Panic Parade, and buy the right items from the shop.

Pokemon Unite Rankings

The best Pokemon to use in Pokemon Unite Panic Parade game mode

The best Pokemon to use in Panic Parade are Decidueye, Zacian, Dragonite, Mewtwo, and Urshifu. There are some other options that can work as well depending on which Unite licenses the player has and their upgraded held items, but almost all the top-ranked teams use those five Pokemon.

The key to a good team in Panic Parade is almost exclusively drafting for damage. It’s best to completely ignore supporters, defenders, and most speedsters.

Almost all of the top-ranked teams in Panic Parade use lineups exclusively made of all-rounders and attackers. Alongside the aforementioned lineup used by the best teams is a handful of other Pokemon that can deal high damage. Cinderace, Tyranitar, Glaceon, Absol, and Garchomp can all do strong work. The key is to pick a character that can do as much damage as possible to enemies as they move down the lane in order to soften them up before they reach Tinkaton.

Pokemon Unite Panic Parade Ready

What to buy in Pokemon Unite Panic Parade event point shop

Players should purchase attack boosts and critical hit boosts from the Panic Parade event point shop. These boosts amplify Pokemon’s DPS to the maximum and are necessary for success at higher difficulty levels.

While players might want to simply grind their way to dice for the Mewtwo Crystal Cave Challenge or Extra-Energy Tanks on casual modes, a win on extreme difficulty earns over 400 event points. That ultimately makes investing in these upgrades a more time-effective method for getting all the best rewards from this game mode.

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