FromSoftware doesn’t want you to see this Armored Core 6 footage

Armored Core 6 leak

Fans are finally getting to see Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon in action, but a leak has produced some footage that FromSoftware doesn’t want fans to see.

Armored Core 6 is coming out soon, but the developer and publisher are being methodical with what they actually show fans. The first reveal of unscripted gameplay footage came on July 25, when an embargo on video and reports related to a closed-door demo of the game was lifted. This saw a number of prominent content creators that focus on FromSoftware games such as VaatiVidya and Iron Pineapple release videos with original footage.

While the embargo was lifted, there were some restrictions on what these individuals were allowed to show. Included in that was a ban on content related to the game’s arena mode. One YouTuber didn’t get the message though. This leak gave players a sneak peek of the game mode, and a taste of what they’re likely to get with Armored Core 6’s multiplayer.

Armored Core 6 Multiplayer Deathblow

Armored Core 6 arena mode leak gives probable first look at multiplayer

A Japanese YouTuber posted a video of Armored Core 6 that shows what is likely its arena mode. The video has since been taken down, but portions of it were captured and preserved on Reddit. Previous Armored Core games have featured arena modes that let players have one-on-one battles with NPC-controlled ACs in a defined space. This mode was also the foundation for Armored Core multiplayer.

Though streamers and YouTubers were able to show off a significant amount of Armored Core 6 gameplay footage, the arena mode was not part of that. In fact, Soulsborne content creator VaatiVidya touched upon arena mode in his own video and stated “I don’t think I’m allowed to show you.”

While arena footage wasn’t supposed to be shown, it’s evidently not because it’s incomplete or undeveloped. The video shows two Armored Cores battling it out in a fast-paced gunfight that quickly transitions between the ground and the air. It also shows how Armored Core 6’s Sekiro-style posture system will work for the player, with the YouTuber’s AC being staggered at multiple points. Though the video shows the YouTuber fighting an NPC, this is likely what multiplayer looks like in action.

Does Armored Core 6 have co-op multiplayer?

Armored Core 6 is confirmed to have multiplayer, with up to six players being able to join in a session at a time. It is also possible that this includes co-op in a PvP setting.

Armored Core publisher Bandai-Namco has not yet discussed multiplayer, but the news came out in a different way. Armored Core 6 is confirmed to have multiplayer after photographs of the game’s case leaked online.

It’s less clear how six-player multiplayer will work, though there are some hints. The gameplay footage shown by VaatiVidya shows an encounter with a character named Index Dunham that involves more than just the two ACs. After defeating Index Dunham, they are unlocked as an opponent in the arena. This suggests that three-on-three co-op could be possible, though it’s also possible that free-for-all battles will be available.

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