Tekken 8 roster leak might show every character in the game

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Fans of the Tekken series have been hungry for more information about Tekken 8 ever since the game was announced, and a new roster leak might have given more than anyone was expecting.

Every time a new fighting game is preparing for release, speculation swirls around its roster of characters. That’s especially true for a game with a rich history like Tekken, which has decades of characters available for use in each new game.

Which characters are in Tekken 8?

Some characters were quickly confirmed to be in Tekken 8. These included mainstays such as Kazuya Mishima, Paul Phoenix, Jin Kazama, and Nina Williams. More continued to be confirmed as fans learned that beloved characters Marshall Law and Asuka Kazama would join the fray.

But a new apparent leak might have shown even more of the game’s characters, potentially the full base roster for Tekken 8.

That leak includes such names as Claudio Serafino, Yoshimitsu, Shaheen, Zafina, and Raven.

There have been other similar leaks claimed around the same time. One such link included all previously mentioned characters as well as supposed returning fighters Heihachi Mishima, Julia, and Eliza.

Each of these links is claimed to have originated from the use of Cheat Engine, original software designed to cheat in computer games. Cheat Engine is able to read a variety of files in a game, and the recent Tekken 8 beta period allowed curious players to poke at the game’s files. These claimed leaks are the result.

Will there be guest characters in Tekken 8?

To date, it appears that there will be no guest characters in the base roster for Tekken 8.

The Tekken series has become famous for its use of guest characters. Tekken 7 included multiple guest characters, most notably Akuma from the Street Fighter series and Geese Howard from the Fatal Fury franchise. Fans are now wondering if guest characters will also be included in Tekken 8, but word from developer Bandai Namco is that there will not be. At least, not initially.

It remains possible that guest characters could come to Tekken 8 as future DLC additions. In fact, this is very likely to be the case, as guest characters are often the most popular additions that can be made to a fighting game’s roster after its release. But nothing is yet guaranteed.

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