Here are the best Rillaboom counters for Pokemon Tera Raid event

tera raid event rillaboom counters

The Rillaboom Tera Raid event has arrived in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and naturally, players quickly figured out the best counters to it.

Tera Raid events have added a lot of fun to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. While Max Raid bosses kept Sword and Shield feeling fresh years after release, the Tera Raid battle system offers a lot of interesting ways for Game Freak to challenge players. While these can be a fun puzzle to solve, players have typically figured out the best way to do so in short order.

Even if the novelty of Pokemon returning to Scarlet and Violet has worn off, players will want to take advantage of the rewards offered in this event. Mightiest Mark Rillaboom offers a challenge, but it didn’t take long to discover the best counters to its moves. Here’s how to defeat the grassy gorilla.

Rillaboom in the Pokemon Journeys anime

Tera Raid event Rillaboom moveset, strategy

The Mightiest Mark Rillaboom is a mixed attacker who instantly sets up Grassy Terrain and has access to multiple stat-boosting moves that are used on a systematic basis. Rillaboom’s full moveset includes:

  • Drum Beating
  • Acrobatics
  • Body Slam
  • Low Kick
  • Growth
  • Bulk Up
  • Boomburst

Before the fight starts, Grassy Surge will activate which is followed by Growth which boosts Rillaboom’s Attack and Sp. Attack stats. After four turns, Rillaboom is guaranteed to clear all stat changes on the player team. Though its regular moves are all physical attacks, it can mix things up with an additional Boomburst between turns.

Of critical note is that players absolutely should not use Koraidon. Though players might feel like it’s a good idea to bring the strongest fighting-type Pokemon in the game, Koraidon automatically sets up harsh sunlight when it’s sent into battle. This doubles the effectiveness of Rillaboom’s Growth move and sets it up to quickly sweep the entire battle.

Koraidon Pokemon Scarlet

Best counters to event Rillaboom in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The best counters to Mightiest Mark Rillaboom include Crowned Zacian, Gholdengo, Ceruledge, and Corviknight.

Steel Pokemon resist all of Rillaboom’s moves except for Low Kick, which hits for supereffective damage. Crowned Zacian, Gholdengo, and Corviknight all have secondary typings that solve that problem. Players shouldn’t have too much trouble so long as they use these Pokemon with a relatively bulky build, a supereffective attack option, and competent teammates.

Zacian is the best option with a powerful fighting-type move in Sacred Sword and enough power to deal significant damage even with neutral moves while Terrastalized. A bulky Gholdengo is also an option, but players will need a special moveset since normal types are immune to Shadow Ball and Make it Rain is bad in Tera Raid battles. Ceruledge is a strong option that has access to Clear Smog and a fighting-type move in Brick Break.

Corviknight Pokemon Sword Shield

For most players, the best counter to build specifically for this Rillaboom raid event is Corviknight. Use the following build for best results:

  • Level: 100
  • EVs: 252 HP, 252 Defense, 4 Sp. Defense
  • Nature: Docile
  • Tera Type: Fighting
  • Moves: Body Press, Iron Defense, Screech, Reflect/Iron Head/Roost
  • Held Item: Leftovers

Body Press is a unique fighting-type move that deals damage based on the user’s defense stat. This is very helpful in this raid, as it lets Corviknight consolidate all its EVs into HP and Defense, making it incredibly bulky. Because it’s a fighting-type move, it hits this normal-type Rillaboom for super-effective damage.

Iron Defense boosts Corviknight’s bulkiness and also increases the power of Body Press. Screech helps Corviknight’s allies by lowering Rillaboom’s defense. There are several options for the fourth move, with Reflect being a great support option that halves the damage of Rillaboom’s physical attacks, Roost being a healing move for Corviknight, and Iron Head offering a second damage option for players who end up in a dragged-out battle.

Corviknight isn’t necessarily the strongest Pokemon available, but it’s a good one that all players can easily catch and build up. Not everyone has a pack of Zacian waiting in Pokemon HOME or 999 Gimmighoul coins handy, and Ceruledge is functionally a Pokemon Violet exclusive

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