MTG Arena: Where to find codes for free packs and cards

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MTG Arena regularly gives out codes for free in-game packs and cards and players are well-served by getting as many of them as they can.

The digital version of Magic: The Gathering is available on mobile and PC and fits the same niche as Pokemon TCG Live. It’s a great way for fans of the massively-popular trading card game to enjoy their hobby in digital format. Building out a collection can be challenging, but players can get some help.

For confused players just trying to get some of the free packs, it might be difficult to figure out where these codes come from or where to find them. Wizards of the Coast frequently gives them out on a variety of platforms, so tracking them down can be a bit of a chore. Luckily, there are a few ways for players to start reaping the rewards of these free giveaways and building the digital decks of their dreams.

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The official WotC newsletter and social media are the primary sources for MTG Arena codes

Players can get MTG Arena codes through the game’s official social media and marketing channels, including the Wizards of the Coast newsletter.

Wizards of the Coast publishes news for MTG Arena on its official channels. Occasionally, news posts on the official website can contain codes for free packs or cards, typically to commemorate the release of a new set, like the recent Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle Earth Alchemy set.

Beyond that, WotC employees may post public-use codes on the official WotC Twitter, Discord, Instagram, or Reddit. Therefore, players who wish to take advantage of all the free content they can regularly check both the newsletter and WotC’s social media accounts.

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The back of the box will often indicate if a physical MTG item contains MTG Arena codes.

Physical Magic: The Gathering products may contain MTG Arena codes

Players may be able to get additional codes for MTG Arena cards by buying physical Magic: The Gathering products. A number of items contain cards with a single-use code that can be redeemed in the game. These can award the same cards in digital format as the consumer obtains when opening the physical product.

Note that this is only true for select products. Players are not guaranteed MTG Arena codes with every Magic: The Gathering purchase. Typically, starter packs and Planeswalker decks contain a code card. Some booster packs and other products can as well.

Consumers who want to get both physical and digital cards for a given purchase should carefully examine the packaging before buying. MTG products that contain a code for MTG Arena will say so on the box.

Finally, events held by local game stores may offer physical code cards with the sign-up package for the event. Players should check with their local hobby shop for details.

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