Pokemon TCG Live has arrived, here’s how you can play it

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The rollout of Pokemon TCG Live and the sunsetting of Pokemon TCG Online has been awkward and lengthy, but there are some definite answers for players that want to keep and transfer their card collection.

Pokemon TCG Live has been rolled out at a painfully slow pace, with many parts of the world still unable to access it. The game does offer a big step forward for players with its solid mobile app, improved presentation, and modernized reward system. That said, players who have spent years grinding and building up a collection of cards in Pokemon TCG Online won’t be able to bring over everything to the new game.

The Pokemon Company has spelled out what players will have access to in the new game and what they will be leaving behind. Here’s what players will be able to move to their new Pokemon TCG Live account, and what they’ll be saying goodbye to.

Is Pokemon TCG Live replacing Pokemon TCG Online?

Pokemon TCG Live is set to fully replace the long-running Pokemon TCG Online in the near future. The Pokemon Company has taken multiple steps towards sunsetting PTCGO and at this point, there’s no going back on that.

Pokemon TCG Online has already been de-listed from app stores with a shutdown of the game planned to come after Pokemon TCG Live’s official launch. It has also been confirmed that no new expansions will be added to the game after Sword and Shield: Crown Zenith. This means that none of the expansions based on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be added to the game.

All this means that PTCGO will no longer be able to add new players and will become obsolete as new expansions are added. Though established PTCGO players will be able to enjoy the game for a bit longer, it’s still irrevocably set to be replaced.

Is Pokemon TCG Live available on mobile?

Pokemon TCG Live is available on Android and iOS mobile devices. Mobile players can download the game for free from either the Google Play Store or the App Store. The game is also available on PC and MacOS and can be found on Pokemon’s official website.

Will Pokemon TCG Live be available on Nintendo Switch?

Pokemon TCG Live will not be available on Nintendo Switch any time soon. While playing the Pokemon TCG on a Nintendo device seems like a logical move, Pokemon TCG Online never wound up on Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, or Nintendo Switch.

PTCGO was outdated by the time of the Nintendo Switch’s release, but there a port could still have been supported for years. Given that history, the fact that Pokemon TCG Live has been operational for some time now, and The Pokemon Company’s silence on the matter, it can be safely assumed that there are no plans to bring the game to Switch.

Does Pokemon TCG Live have cross-play and cross-progression?

Pokemon TCG Live has full cross-play and cross-progression across its PC and mobile versions. Progress is saved to Trainer Club accounts, and available cards, decks, and battle pass levels are consistent across all devices. This allows players to take their game on the road and face off with friends, regardless of what device they’re using.

Do I keep PTCGO cards in Live?

Players will be able to migrate many of their Pokemon TCG Online cards into Pokemon TCG Live, but they won’t be able to move all of them. This will allow players to retain most of their favorite Pokemon TCG Online decks, but will not allow them to retain the enormous collections that they may have in Pokemon TCG Online.

Players will be able to move the maximum number of each card allowable in a deck into their collection. For example, players will be able to move over four Glaceon-GX cards, but only one Diancie Prism Star card. However, if someone happens to have 10 Glaceon-GX cards, they will only have access to four of them. Different variants of cards are treated as separate cards for collection purposes, so if a player has 10 regular Glaceon-GX cards and 10 full-art Glaceon-GX cards, four of each will be migrated.

Pokemon TCG Live gameplay with Mew and Magnemite

The good news is that the same cards can be used across multiple decks. Similar to PTCGO, this means that players only need four copies of a staple item card like Battle VIP Pass in their collection. Players will be able to transfer in both tradable and trade-locked cards to Pokemon TCG Live.

What is the conversion rate for Pokemon TCG Live crystals and PTCGO packs?

Players receive an average of 100 crystals in Pokemon TCG Live in exchange for their packs in Pokemon TCG Online. However, players don’t receive a fixed amount for each pack. 

Players will receive in-game currency in exchange for the cards and items that are non-transferable. Players receive a flat number of crystals based on the number of unopened packs they had on their Pokemon TCG Online account. Here is the conversion rate:

  • 1 to 9 packs: 500 crystals
  • 10 to 24 packs: 1,100 crystals
  • 25 to 49 packs: 2,250 crystals
  • 50 to 124 packs: 4,700 crystals
  • 125+ packs: 12,400 crystals 

Does Pokemon TCG Live have all Pokemon TCG expansions?

Pokemon TCG Live will have all Pokemon TCG expansions from 2011’s Pokemon Black and White expansion onward. This will encompass all the expansions from the Black and White, XY, Sun and Moon, Sword and Shield, and Scarlet and Violet series.

Notably, this means that players will not be able to bring their cards from the HeartGold and SoulSilver series even though these cards were available in Pokemon TCG Online. Various cosmetic items like deck boxes and sleeves may also be non-transferable.

Can I use Pokemon TCG Online code cards in Pokemon TCG Live?

Yes, players will be able to use Pokemon TCG Online code cards in Pokemon TCG Live for expansions and collections that are included in Pokemon TCG Live. These codes are redeemed in a similar way through Pokemon TCG Live. This is done through the Redeem section of the in-game shop, and can be done either by QR code or the key printed on the cards inserted into packs and bundles.

Should I migrate my PTCGO Account to Live?

Players should wait to migrate their account from Pokemon TCG Online to Pokemon TCG Live until doing a sweep of their inventory. 

Because coins and other currencies cannot be carried over, it’s worth emptying out the balance on booster packs and decks. Most cards can only be carried over a maximum of four times, meaning players should look to trade away any valuable cards they have five or more of. Remember that the migration from PTCGO to Live does not discriminate between tradable and untradable cards.

If players have more than 125 packs squirreled away, it’s worth exchanging those for literally anything else. While useful cards and cherished full-art supporters are ideal options, getting deck boxes, sleeves, and coins from Elite Trainer Boxes and premium collections are also a great choice. Cosmetic items are relatively expensive and can be transferred from PTCGO.

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