Red Dead Redemption fans are mad over remaster’s price tag

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The announcement of the Red Dead Redemption remaster should have been cause for celebration, but it instead has fans angry about its price tag.

Rockstar Games announced a rerelease of the wild west blockbuster, but fans were hoping for a substantial upgrade to the 13-year-old game. Instead, the Red Dead Redemption rerelease is neither a remake and arguably isn’t even a remaster. By all accounts, it’s simply a port of the existing game to Switch and PlayStation 4.

Fans were hoping for a substantial remake that would bring the relatively old title to the modern world. This turned out to be false as Rockstar Games announced the new version as a “conversion” of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 classic. 

Here is the Red Dead Redemption remaster price

The Red Dead Redemption remaster will cost $50 on both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

The announcement trailer on Youtube got bombarded by dislikes and negative comments. Many commenters voiced displeasure at the rerelease being just a port with a price tag that’s close to that of a brand-new game. 

Many fans have taken to Twitter to voice their disappointment.

“The Red Dead Redemption ‘remaster’ is the biggest disappointment of the year. A direct port of a 13-year-old game with zero changes for $50. Such a great game to be mistreated so harshly. Also no PC release? Bag was fumbled HARD,” one fan wrote.

Many are disappointed that Red Dead Redemption on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch looks virtually identical to the original release. Fans imagined possibilities as lofty as a full remake in the Red Dead Redemption 2 game engine, capable of running at 60 FPS in 4K resolution. While that’s an unrealistic expectation, the price tag for this port isn’t far off from what a full remake would have commanded.

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For the sake of comparison, Dark Souls Remastered launched at $40. Some remasters and even remakes are even cheaper, like the Portal Companion Collection which combines both Portal games for just $25.

The original version of the game is playable on Xbox Series X, with the potential for upscaling up to 4K resolution. This is likely the reason that this port of the game isn’t coming to Xbox. The original Xbox 360 version is still available on the Xbox Store with a price tag of $30.

A trending post on the Red Dead subreddit reads, “Do not buy Red Dead Redemption.” It’s currently at 11,000 upvotes. The Red Dead Redemption remaster is coming out on August 17, 2023 on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

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