Red Dead Redemption remaster coming, but is it on Xbox?

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Rockstar Games is ready to release the Red Dead Redemption remaster on new consoles, but Xbox and PC players will have to wait on it for a bit.

The publisher announced the revival of the classic open-world title on August 7 along with a quick look at the game. The remaster will bring Red Dead Redemption to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, with the ability to also play it on PlayStation 5 through its backwards compatibility tools. The Remaster wasn’t exactly a secret as leaks spoiled its reveal some time ago.

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The Red Dead Redemption port includes the Undead Nightmare expansion and bonus content from the Game of the Year Edition, but will remove the online play of the original. Undead Nightmare brought zombies to the wild west and overhauled the gameplay. It’s likely to be a solid value for many players, but not everyone will have the chance to play it.

When is the Red Dead Redemption remaster Coming Out?

The Red Dead Redemption remaster will release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch on August 17 digitally, with a physical version coming on October 13.

The PS4 version of the game will also be playable on the PlayStation 5, thanks to backwards compatibility. This is the first time Red Dead Redemption will escape its PS3 and Xbox 360 prison and be playable on modern platforms. 

The digital version of the Red Dead Redemption remaster will cost $49.99 on both platforms. Rockstar didn’t announce the pricing of physical versions of the game yet, but precedent suggests it will be similar. 

Will Red Dead Redemption remaster be on Xbox Series or PC?

The Red Dead Redemption remaster will not be coming to Xbox Series or PC. Thankfully, Xbox players do have an option for pulling on John Marston’s boots.

The original version of Red Dead Redemption is already playable on the latest consoles from Microsoft. Gamers have been able to play the 360 version on Xbox One since 2016 and can still do so on Xbox Series X/S due to the stellar backwards compatibility. Red Dead Redemption can be purchased digitally on Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X owners can also play it with a physical copy.

Red Dead publisher Rockstar Games announced Double Eleven as the developers behind the remaster. Double Eleven previously worked on Rust, Lego Harry Potter, and Minecraft Dungeons. 

Previously, Grove Street Games released the critically panned Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition. The collection contained the three PlayStation 2-era Grand Theft Auto Games but was critically panned due to poor performance and graphical glitches.  There is no confirmation about performance, resolution, or framerates for the remaster.

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