BruceDropEmOff banned from Twitch after chat threats

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Former One True King (OTK) member Bruce “BruceDropEmOff” Ray has his second Twitch account banned for going off on a chatter and telling them they can meet up and both die, likely meaning the streamer is now entirely banned from streaming on Twitch.

Even prior to being banned on Twitch, BruceDropEmOff has been a controversial streamer over the past year. He has been banned more than twice on Twitch, which resulted in his move to Kick in May 2023. Just this month, he moved back to Twitch after spending the better part of a year on Kick.

Less than a month after he switched to Twitch streaming, he had his second account indefinitely banned, which means that he won’t be able to stream on his main account either as doing this would result in him breaking the ban evasion rule on Twitch. Here’s what we know about the new BruceDropEmOff ban.

Why was BruceDropEmOff’s second account banned on Twitch?

BruceDropEmOff’s second account was banned due to a conversation with a user in his chat, in which the streamer used slurs and suggested that the user should die.

While there’s still no official reason given as to why he got banned, Bruce is not a stranger to getting banned on Twitch. The clip below was allegedly the reason why he was banned this time.

In the clip, he mentions something about buying a specific person in chat an encyclopedia and banging their head on it until they feel numb. Toward the end of the clip, Bruce says that “[He and the chat user] can meet up and both die. Bombs strapped on my chest.” He follows that statement with slurs.

This entire clip is full of slurs and allusions to bodily harm, which is a violation of Twitch’s community guidelines. Violating these terms can lead to suspensions or bans, just like what happened to BruceDropEmOff.

When will BruceDropEmOff return to Twitch?

BruceDropEmOff’s alternate account is banned for an indefinite time, and that means there is no definite timing for the streamer to return to Twitch again.

Even if Bruce wanted to stream on his main account, this would result in a ban evasion which would also ban his main account. However, he has other streaming options in the meantime, including streaming on Kick again despite his comments about his time on Kick being the worst time of his career.

Bad as it may have been for the streamer, his latest Twitch ban means that he won’t have much other choice if he wishes to continue streaming.

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