How to easily cheese Rellana Twin Moon Knight in Elden Ring DLC

rellana twin moon knight elden ring dlc

Even though the Elden Ring Shadow of the Edtree Tree boss Rellana is one of the harder fights in the game, players can beat her with the correct cheese techniques.

Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is no walk in the park. With difficult enemies and even tougher bosses, no corner of the Land of Shadows is safe for the Tarnished. Early-game boss Rellana is no different, as she gives many under-equipped players trouble, especially with how prematurely she arrives.

Unlike Rennala Queen of the Full Moon, her twin sister Rellana poses a major threat due to her incredible damage and speed. Rellana is deadly and can hit attacks on the player in close quarters and at long range. However, like other boss fights in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, players can easily cheese Rellana to progress the story.

How to find Rellana, Twin Moon Knight in Elden Ring: Shadow of Erdtree

Rellana, Twin Moon Knight, is found in Castle Ensis, near the Castle Lord’s Chamber site of grace.

Players must traverse the starting Gravesite Plains area, cross the Ellac Greatbridge, and fight their way through a large encampment of Messmer Soldiers to reach Castle Ensis. From there, it’s a matter of running through Castle Ensis and its many enemies, who are a mix of both Messmer soldiers and Carian sorcerers similar to those from Raya Lucaria in the base game. 

The Castle-Lord’s Chamber Site of Grace gives players a diverging path forward. While players can hop off the ledge near the site of grace to loot some more treasures, the nearby staircase will take players to the boss. For most players, Rellana the Twin Moon Knight, will be the second major boss they beat in the Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. She’s a stiff challenge but is manageable with a tailored build.

How to beat and cheese Rellana, Twin Moon Knight in the Elden Ring DLC

Elden Ring players can defeat the boss Rellana by breaking her stance with heavy attacks and inflicting her with the Frostbite status.

rellana elden ring dlc boss
This marks the start of phase two.

Rellana has two phases; one where she uses physical attacks and the other with fire and ice elemental strikes. Her second phase begins with the epic infusion of magic into her swords after her health decreases to 50%.

Players should avoid using the summon outside the boss gate. While Needle Knight Leda is available as an ally, summoning her raises Rellana’s health which ends up being a net negative for the player. Instead, summoning a Mimic Tear or using another tanky Spirit Ash as a meatshield and distraction is preferred.

While it may or may not technically count as “cheese,” Rellana the Twin Moon Knight is susceptible to being staggered by heavy weapons and can be beaten in short order with effective use of one. Because of that, going for a heavy weapon like the Greatsword or the newly introduced Black Steel Greathammer is recommended. Using these or other big, heavy weapons and hitting jump-heavy attacks will quickly stagger Rellana, letting players land devastating critical hits.

Her most dangerous attack is her titular Rellana’s Twin Moons sorcery, but players can potentially kill her with staggers before she has the chance to use it.

Alongside her weak posture, Rellana is also susceptible to Frostbite, so using Freezing Grease on the weapon or an ice-related Ash of War is recommended. Once she gets the Frostbite status effect, damage dealt to her is increased significantly, letting players sprint their way to victory.

After defeating Rellana, the player gets a remembrance that gives them access to both her swords and the Rellana’s Twin Moons sorcery. From there,

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