Here are the bosses you’ll fight in the Elden Ring DLC

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The Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC gameplay reveal trailer landed and showed off what is set to be an incredibly large lineup of bosses.

While there’s plenty of mystery associated with the massive expansion, some of the new enemies that were shown off are instantly identifiable. Some appear to be new characters, but others stick out as figures from the game’s lore or different forms of existing characters. Naturally, all of them look horrifying but incredibly interesting to fight.

The Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC release date has been confirmed and there’s plenty to talk about in terms of what was shown off until then. Here’s a breakdown of the bosses that were shown off and who they might be.

Who are the Elden Ring DLC bosses?

Messmer the Impaler and Miquella are seemingly positioned to be the main bosses of the Elden Ring DLC, but there are plenty of others coming as well. The two demigods will be joined by several terrifying figures including what appears to be a grafted omen lion and the teacher of Malenia, Blade of Miquella. Here’s who was shown off, and what they’ll have to offer.

miquella elden ring
Miquella, probably.


Miquella starring in the DLC is no surprise, as this mysterious demigod was conspicuous in their absence from the base version of Elden Ring. Like Marika, Miquella seemingly has both a male and female form with Miquella being their male side and Trina being their female side. Unlike any other figure in Elden Ring, Miquella was seemingly beloved by all with their siblings fighting over them and humanoids like the Misbegotten worshipping them. Despite all this, they only appeared as the bloodied arm in Mohg, Lord of Blood’s boss arena.

The trailer opens with a probable discussion of Miquella, who is paradoxically described as someone who is “pure and radiant” but “wields love to shrive clean the hearts of men.” It’s unclear what powers they might have and whether they will turn out to be as villainous as their siblings, but odds are that they will throw down regardless.

messmer elden ring


Messmer is going to be a big deal, one way or the other. Though Miquella will seemingly be a central figure, Messmer appears on the game’s key art and is getting the same “collector’s edition figure” treatment that Malenia did for the base game. With his red hair and name that starts with the letter “M,” it can safely be assumed that Messmer is a demigod, but how he fits into things beyond that is uncertain.

Messmer seems to be directly in opposition to a Tarnished becoming the Elden Lord, which would put him at odds with the player. He is covered in snakes, but seemingly isn’t the same person as fellow demigod ophidiophile Rykard. Filling the same role as Malenia for the physical release of the DLC strongly suggests that he will be the game’s super-boss, but that’s not guaranteed.

elden ring swordsman red dress blue flowers
The Blind Swordsman Who Sealed Away the Rot

The Blue Dancer, or the Blind Swordsman Who Sealed Away the Rot

While the game’s lore strongly suggested that the surprisingly beatable super-boss Malenia was going to make another comeback in the DLC, she wasn’t in the trailer. Instead, it seems like her teacher is going to step in for her as a major boss in the Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

Malenia’s lore suggests that she was infirmed in her youth in the same way that Millicent was at the start of her subquest. A blind swordsman is credited as “sealing away the rot” and teaching her how to fight, per the item descriptions for the Blue Cloth set, Flowing Curved Sword, and Blue Dancer Charm. While they’re technically wearing red in the trailer, this figure who is in a field of blue flowers with a pair of curved swords is likely this same person, or will be a swordsman with a similar style.

marika elden ring

Queen Marika

The queen herself might actually end up being a boss in the Elden Ring DLC. The trailer closes with what appears to be Queen Marika. 

Though players technically fought her in the ending boss rush of the main game when they fought her alter-ego Radagon, players never actually get to see Marika in a state other than crumbling to dust. What she might be like is uncertain and despite what fan artists and cosplayers might suggest, players only ever saw her after millennia of being crucified on the Elden Ring. Whether she’ll take the place of Dark Souls’ Gwynevere for Soulsborne fans or wind up giving fans a shock remains to be seen.

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