How to beat or cheese Divine Beast Dancing Lion in Elden Ring DLC

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The first major hurdle in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is the Divine Beast Dancing Lion, but players can beat it and can sort of cheese it.

No one expected Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree’s DLC to be easy, especially since developer FromSoftware is known for pumping out difficult DLC. However, most Elden Ring players will likely assume it’s easy thanks to the starting section of the Land of Shadows. That changes once they reach the Divine Beast Dancing Lion.

Found in Belurat, near the start of the DLC, the Divine Beast Dancing Lion boss is the first remembrance boss of the Land of Shadows. Fortunately, with good strategy and a lot of skill, this hurdle can be crossed without spending too much time on it.

How to beat the Divine Beast Dancing Lion in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Players can beat the Divine Beast Dancing Lion by staying underneath it, staying disciplined with attacks, and dodging its slams and spins.

As expected, the Dancing Lion’s mouth and face sections are the most dangerous as most attacks are bites or tackles. However, that doesn’t mean going behind him will do the trick thanks to its spinning attacks. The best option is staying under this beast and hacking away at it from there. The biggest threat is its slam attack, so players must be ready to roll out of harm’s way instantly.

Starting the fight against the dancing lion

Fortunately, there are some tricks to beat this massive skill-check boss.

Like many other Elden Ring bosses, the Divine Beast Dancing Lion is susceptible to bleed to a degree where it almost counts as cheese. Using spells like Seppuku before walking through the wall of mist can help cut its health down quickly. Additionally, dealing heavy damage around the boss’s face can help break its poise. It’s an easy target too, especially for spells like Rock Sling.

Finally, players don’t have to go against the boss alone thanks to an NPC summon sign outside the wall of mist. However, it’s important to keep in mind that summoning the NPC Redmane Freyja increases the lion’s health, though using the summon as a distraction is a good option so players can get some damage in.

The Divine Beast Dancing Lion’s second phase

Once the Divine Beast Dancing Lion hits the halfway mark it jumps in the air and utilizes one of three elements; lightning, wind, or ice. Every time the boss jumps in the air it’s likely alternating between forms.

The lightning form fires bolts of lightning at players. While they’re easy to dodge at first, the speed and quantity increase until they cover nearly half of the area. The ice form causes frostbite as the lion causes spikes to erupt from the ground. The wind form is by far the easiest. While the lion starts firing wind projectiles and increasing the size of its tornado attacks, dodging attacks in this phase is relatively easy.

How to cheese the Divine Beast Dancing Lion in the Elden Ring DLC

The Divine Beast Dancing Lion can be cheesed relatively easily by exploiting its Bleed weakness using a build centered around Rivers of Blood.

Using an arcane and dexterity-based build, players should pair the Rivers of Blood katana with the Okina Mask. Also add in the Lord of Blood’s Exultation, Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, Carian Filigreed Crest, and Shard of Alexander Talismans. As for the spells, the Dragon Communion Seal should be equipped alongside Flame, Grant Me Strength.

Defeating the dancing lion

The trick is to utilize River of Blood’s Corpse Piler weapon art to deal constant bleed damage to the Divine Beast Dancing Lion. A level 10 Mimic Tear summon as soon as the battle starts lets the player chunk the boss down with hemorrhages.

Alongside this, players can summon Freyja outside the boss arena to serve as a distraction and meat shield. As soon as the Mimic Tear rushes the lion, go behind it and cast the Corpse Piler skill. The katana attacks from both the player and Mimic Tear will melt through the health bar if the boss doesn’t divert its attention quickly enough. If worse comes to worst, Freyja can draw the attention while the player falls back and heals if anything starts going wrong.

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