New Deadlock leak shows multiple heroes in action 

A character with a large arm looks at bashed enemies

The Deadlock leaks keep coming, and this time, a four-minute clip shows a big chunk of an alpha test match along with multiple heroes and abilities. 

Valve’s next third-person hero shooter remains unannounced, but leaks are sprouting left and right. Fans have already seen many heroes, maps, and abilities, but the latest leak has four minutes of actual multiplayer played by talented gamers. The hero shooter features six-versus-six battles on maps with four lanes. Deadlock heroes come with unique playstyles, movements, and abilities. To describe the game as a third-person MOBA won’t be wrong, as the game also features towers and bases. It seems Deadlock is differentiating itself from League of Legends, Overwatch and Smite 2 by emphasizing movement and crowd control abilities. 

Crowd control is common among Deadlock heroes 

Unlike Overwatch or Team Fortress 2, heroes in the leaked Deadlock footage have multiple crowd control abilities, including area bashes and single target stuns. 

The leaked alpha footage starts with a classic team gank, popular in MOBA games featuring fog of war. However, a shotgun-wielding character waits until their teammates have already applied status effects on the enemy team. Then, the shotgunner swoops in, uses multiple abilities, and takes down the enemy team. It’s not exactly an ace, but it comes close. 

A shotgunner waits to gank enemy team in a corridor

Similarly, a mechanical hero with a large arm bashes multiple enemy heroes away in one punch. Another hero jumps into the air, locks on to several targets and smashes them together, ripe for another hero to use an AOE attack. The footage shows plenty of stuns, levitations, and slowdowns, indicating Deadlock will be more like Dota 2 than Overwatch. 

Deadlock movement is fast, almost like Quake 

The leaked footage shows Deadlock characters have fast movement around the map and even heavy units have multiple abilities to escape danger. 

Many heroes seem to have a Kinetic Dash ability, probably from a purchased item from the shop. It remains to be seen if it’s like the flash ability in League of Legends or Blink Dagger in Dota. The Kinetic Dash helps heroes escape tight places by dashing away fast. Faster movement means faster battles and faster results.

A hero is also seen dodge rolling and chaining it with a Kinetic Dash multiple times. While it doesn’t look as smooth as Black Ops 6’s Omnimovement system, Deadlock’s movement systems make the game look fast. The leaked footage is clearly from an early build, as many textures are missing, models are incomplete, and there are huge graphical glitches. Despite looking feature complete and just needing the finishing touches, Valve has yet to officially announce the game. 

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Written by Bilawal Bashir

Bilawal is a software engineer who loves video games, comic books, and anime. But he will never love pineapple on pizza. In over two decades of gaming, he has only broken two controllers. His work has also been featured by TheGamer and WhatIfGaming.

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