More new Deadlock heroes revealed in latest Valve leak


Deadlock is continuing to produce new leaks, the latest of which shows more new heroes who’ll likely appear in the game in the future.

Valve’s new  game has been hit by a barrage of leaks in recent days, flooding gamers with in-game screenshots, gameplay footage, and hero introductions. The MOBA-like hero shooter is undoubtedly an intriguing concept, but how Valve differentiates the game’s from the competition will determine its fate. The game takes clear cues from Valve‘s own Dota 2, and there are hints of Overwatch in the mix as well. 

As previously leaked, Deadlock is a team-based third-person shooter with unique playable hero characters. Players form teams of six heroes each and fight against their opponents. The objective is to destroy the enemy towers and eventually take down the base to win. Some unique elements are evident in the leaks, especially the fast-travel system that will help keep the action going. This latest leak shows more than 10 new, previously unknown heroes in Deadlock. 

More new Deadlock heroes shown in gameplay leak

A leaked gameplay clip on X features 11 new Deadlock heroes and one hero ultimate model.

The new Deadlock hero models cycle through animations. Most look animations seem to involve walking, while others are stock shooting animations. Some of the hero models are standing still, indicating the work-in-progress nature of the footage. There is much to learn here, however. The Slork character stands out as a tiny shark with a gun. The Gunslinger seems to be riding the fast-travel track; the clips show him shooting as he moves. The animation is reminiscent of Bioshock Infinite’s Sky-Hook mechanic, and indicates that players will be able to take part in combat even while zooming around the game’s map.

At least one model, “Grey Talon Owl,” is not a character but rather an ability. Grey Talon was shown in a previous leak, and the Owl is either the character’s Ultimate or a scouting ability. Deadlock seems to have strong variety in terms of its characters; there’s a monk on a hoverboard, a Clayface-like character called Viscous, and even a blue alien.

The leak shows a game still in early development, so there’s no guarantee that players will be able to play all of these characters. 

Deadlock could have an extensive roster 

Based on the new leaks, Deadlock could see a roster of 30 or more hero characters at launch.

Deadlock’s closest competitor, Overwatch, launched with 21 playable heroes when it was released in 2015. Blizzard’s shooter has gained 19 more characters throughout Overwatch and Overwatch 2, bringing the total to 40. Having more of a roster of 30 or more characters would help Deadlock lock in early adaptors with different hero playstyles. 

Having a more extensive roster is essential, as it seems Deadlock doesn’t allow mirrored characters in a team. Just like in Dota 2, if a teammate picks a character, it’s locked out for other team members. A larger roster ensures players have multiple choices for each class, with plenty of heroes available for each in-game role.The game is seeming already on Steam, so an announcement from Valve shouldn’t be too far off.

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