FIFA 2K25 will reportedly be revealed soon, but could it be true?

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EA FC may not be the only soccer game in town anymore, as FIFA 2K25 may soon be revealed.

While EA Sports’ FIFA series was long a staple of the best-selling games charts, it was rebranded “EA FC” starting in 2023. Despite dropping the name and breaking off its association with the organizer of the World Cup, EA’s exclusive licensing arrangements with major leagues and clubs around the world kept the company’s hold on the sport ironclad.

That might be changing, though. According to multiple reports, EA’s greatest rival in the sports game genre may be positioned to move into the realm of soccer sims. That will reportedly see 2K Sports partner with FIFA for a major release, potentially in 2024.

Is FIFA 2K25 happening?

There are multiple reports that 2K Games is in talks to partner with FIFA, with some indicating it will be revealed soon.

Lego 2k Goal

In February, leaker Kurakasis hinted that a 2K Games-developed soccer game was set to be revealed. They clarified that they were actually referencing arcade-style soccer game Lego 2K Goooal, not a FIFA-related title. They added that Lego 2K Goooal was set to be officially revealed surrounding the UEFA European Championship, a soccer tournament that will run from June 14 to July 14.

Kurakasis, who has scooped publishers on major reveals, didn’t deny that a FIFA 2K game could also be happening. They speculated that if it is, it’s possible its reveal could be packaged alongside Lego 2K Goooal.

Discussion regarding a FIFA 2K25 was reignited in May by MohPlay Inc, a Ghanian video game retailer. It stated that FIFA and 2K Games had come to terms and that the first game in the series would be released in 2024. MohPlay Inc does not have much of an established history when it comes to video game leaks such as this one. 2K Games and FIFA have not publicly revealed any details on a partnership.

Though MohPlay Inc doesn’t have any resume when it comes to revealing game news, Mike Straw of Insider Gaming chimed in on the matter. He stated on Reddit that he had “heard from multiple people that [FIFA and 2K Games] have been talking quite a bit.” He did not confirm that the two sides had come to terms but noted that he “wouldn’t be surprised to see something announced this summer.”

Could a FIFA 2K game really be released soon?

It’s unknown how far along a 2K soccer game might be in development or if it could be released soon, but it’s possible FIFA 2K could release just shortly after its reveal. 

Discussion of a FIFA 2K25 was met with skepticism for a number of reasons. Among them is the notion that 2K Games wouldn’t have begun development on a soccer title until after EA’s split from FIFA was confirmed. This likely isn’t the case, however.

Lego 2K Goooal was approved by international software ratings boards in June 2023 and appeared on the PlayStation Store in September 2023. This suggests the game is in a very advanced state of development. FIFA 2K25 could be in the same game engine and, if so, could be developed fairly quickly.

While EA Games’ licensing rights could prove to be a major hurdle, there are ways 2K Games could create a compelling soccer game. Emphasizing a career mode, building the game around the World Cup rather than league play, and a robust team management simulator mini-game could make a hypothetical FIFA 2K25 a compelling package. It could also be done without running afoul of EA’s exclusive licenses.

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