Witch and Lilies is an angsty yet adorable Yuri dungeon RPG

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Witch and Lilies combine the classic turn-based dungeon crawls of Wizardry with angsty romances between an ensemble cast of cute girls.

The indie gaming scene is more diverse and creative than ever. 2024 has proven to be a challenging year for those working in the games industry. Even so, thousands of talented individuals continue to work on dream projects, and the indie space offers plenty of options for any gamer.

From humble indie debuts like Animal Well to the many high-quality Soulslikes and Metroidvanias, there’s no better time to find new indie games to play than 2024. One such project that may catch the eye of dungeon-crawler and anime fans is Witch and Lilies, which premiered its latest trailer at the INDIE Live Expo.

What is Witch and Lilies about?

Witch and Lilies is a turn-based 3D dungeon crawler that emphasizes building romances between a party of girls.

The game features familiar dungeon-crawling RPG gameplay, similar to classics like Wizardry and Paper Sorcerer, promising a satisfyingly deep experience.  There are 10 different classes, ranging from tanky frontliner warriors to squishy but devastating backline wizards. 

Witch And Lilies Dialogue

The other hook for Witch and Lilies is its in-depth romance sim elements. However, instead of a romance between the player and the girls, the player must form bonds between the party members. Bonds can strengthen parties, as girls with romantic partners gain access to powerful ensemble attacks. However, not every girl will like each other, so it’s a balancing act to keep parties strong, even amid petty squabbles. 

When is Witch and Lilies’ release date?

Witch and Lilies launched in early access on May 24, 2024.

The latest trailer showcases more girls and classes to choose from, with portraits drawn by Mago-Desu of Space Patrol Luluco fame. The adorable portraits contrast with the horrifyingly detailed enemy designs, which give the game a uniquely anachronistic aesthetic. 

enemies from witch and lilies

Finally, Corpse Party’s Makoto Kedouin is a writer for Witch and Lilies, which could hint at some darker elements in later storylines. Overall, the talent behind Witch and Lilies and its intriguing mix of romance and dungeon-crawling make the title worth a dungeon run or two. 

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Written by Gab Hernandez

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