Sci-fi adventure Boyhood’s End can scratch the Deltarune itch

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Boyhood’s End can take players desperate for a fresh helping of Deltarune on a journey through the stars, all the while exploring the nature of being human.

The indie scene continues to thrive in 2024, even with constant difficulties in the wider games industry. Hits like Buckshot Roulette, Animal Well, and Hades 2 showcase that quality and creativity will always find their way to people. The INDIE Live Expo features plenty more indie titles for fans to enjoy. 

One of the most popular genres in the indie space is the surreal, RPG Maker-style adventure. From Deltarune to Omori, there’s a certain appeal from games with vivid, hand-drawn art styles hiding darker storylines underneath. Boyhood’s End takes that familiar formula and puts a grand sci-fi twist on its story.

What is Boyhood’s End?

Boyhood’s End follows Giovanni, an angsty boy with the lowest human score in the universe, and Campanella, a troublemaking genius who ropes Giovanni into wild adventures.  In the distant future, an AI overlord named “R Karellen” ranks humans with “humanity” scores. Whether it’s academic opportunities or professional aspirations, a person’s humanity score will decide their future.

Giovanni, the main character of Boyhood’s End, inexplicably has the lowest human score among all humankind. Thanks to this status, Giovanni is relentlessly bullied and ostracized by his peers despite his insistence that he is human. 

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One day, the entire universe seemingly decides to “raise” Giovanni’s human score by attacking him. All except for the eccentric prodigy Campanella, who whisks Giovanni away onto a galactic railroad. From there, the boys travel through time and space to uncover the mysteries of their futuristic society in increasingly terrifying locales.

Boyhood’s End release date details

Boyhood’s End will launch its first chapter for Early Access in 2024.

As with Deltarune, the game will be narrative-heavy with its story broken up into parts. Five chapters are planned for the game overall, and the project will exit Early Access upon its completion. Early Access provides developers with plenty of advantages, namely immediate community feedback and support.

Publisher WSS Playground has not set a firm release window for the full version. The serialized format, similar to manga releases, could mean fans won’t have to wait very long between each story chapter. Either way, fans can try out the first chapter of Boyhood’s End very soon. 

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Written by Gab Hernandez

Gab Hernandez has a particular love for video games that give players control over the narrative direction, such as Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Disco Elysium. Gab spends just as much time playing games as they do gushing about them online to anyone who will listen. Their work has also been seen on TheGamer, Gfinity, and Wargamer, and you can follow them on Twitter / X at @HardlyWorkinGab.

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