Here’s how Wuthering Waves’ gacha mechanics & pity system work

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Like other gacha games, players will want to know how the gacha mechanics and pity system for Wuthering Waves work before spending money.

Miyhoyo has been the leading gacha game studio with heavy hitters like the Honkai series and Genshin Impact. However, there’s a new challenger in the genre as Kuro Games released the much-anticipated Wuthering Waves. Praised for its combat, Wuthering Waves retains many mechanics other free-to-play games have.

One of those mechanics is the gacha system, which allows players to “roll” for random in-game items using its digital currency. Here’s everything players need to know about Wuthering Waves’ gacha mechanics and the equally important pity system.

Wuthering Waves Verina

Wuthering Waves “Convene” gacha mechanics

Wuthering Waves features a gacha system called Convene serving as the primary way to obtain weapons and other characters called Resonators.

Unlocked shortly after defeating the tutorial boss and reaching the game’s first city Jinzhou, players can access the gacha screen by going to the Terminal and selecting the Convene option.

Here, players can choose one of multiple banners to pull from and every banner can give different weapons and characters. While the banner headliners are displayed on its visual, players can see every weapon and character including their drop rates by interacting with the small “i” option in the bottom-left corner of the banner. The characters or weapons shown on the banner’s visual have increased drop rates.

Wuthering Waves convene function

Depending on the banner’s type, players must use different in-game currencies. One currency equals one pull, and different kinds of currency are used on different kinds of banners While all these can be acquired from the store, Kuro Game also gives them as in-game rewards. Here are the different Tide currencies used for rolling in Wuthering Waves:

  • Lustrous Tide is used for standard character and weapon banners
  • Radiant Tide is used for event character-focused banners
  • Forging Tide is used for event weapon-focused banners
Wuthering Waves single roll

Like most gacha games, players can pull once or in batches of 10. Every 10 pulls guarantees a 4-star or better weapon or character and there’s no limit to how many 4 or 5-star weapons or characters players can acquire from a batch of 10 pulls.

Wuthering Waves pity system explained

Wuthering Waves has a pity system ensuring players get a 5-star character or weapon within 80 pulls.

The number of pulls a player accumulates on a specific type of banner is called “pity.” Wuthering Waves’ pity system resembles that of Genshin Impact, but there are a few key differences. While Genshin Impact ensures players are guaranteed a 5-star weapon or character within 80 rolls for weapon banners and 90 for character banners, Wuthering Waves has an 80-pull pity counter for all banners.

Wuthering Waves Jiyan event banner

Pity carries over from one event banner to the next. Therefore, if a player gets to 40 pity on one event banner and it expires, they’ll have the same amount of pity for the next event banner. This ensures players don’t consistently miss out on acquiring a 5-star reward through event banners.

While characters on banner visuals have increased drop rates, players can get other 5 stars, too. Event banners have a 50/50 system, meaning there’s a 50% chance of acquiring the event banner’s character. Losing a 50/50 means getting a 5-star character from the standard pool. If a player loses a 50/50, the next event banner 5-star character is guaranteed to be the banner-headlining 5-star. 

Weapon banner targeted convene

Weapon banners don’t have a 50/50, and players can lock in a single weapon on the standard weapon banner. This means players are guaranteed to get the 5-star weapon they want within 80 pulls. 

Wuthering Waves starter banners explained

Beginner players have access to two unique banners called the Novice and Beginner’s Choice Convene, which have higher chances of getting 5-star characters.

Wuthering Waves novice banner

The Novice Convene is available as soon as players unlock the Convene system, and shortly after eligible players can the pre-registration rewards. Players can pull in batches of 10 through this banner for the discounted price of eight Lustrous Tides instead of the usual 10.

The pity system is also adjusted for this Wuthering Waves newbie banner. A 5-star character from the standard pool is guaranteed within 50 pulls instead of 80, but this banner goes away when the player acquires one.

Wuthering Waves Beginner target convene

The Beginner’s Choice Convene banner replaces the Novice Convene banner. Players can choose one standard 5-star character to lock in, similar to the standard weapon banner. The player is guaranteed to get that particular 5-star character within 80 pulls. However, this banner also expires when the character is acquired. The locked character can be changed at any time

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