How to claim Wuthering Waves’ pre-register rewards, what you get

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Wuthering Waves is finally out, and players who pre-registered for the free-to-play game will want to know what rewards they can claim and how.

Kuro Games finally released Wuthering Waves, the much anticipated free-to-play game that combines Genshin Impact’s gacha mechanics and charm with Soulslike combat. Before its launch, the game ran a campaign to have players pre-register, offering rewards for those who officially signed up before the release date.

However, logging into the game for the first time isn’t enough to claim the pre-register rewards. Here is every reward players who pre-registered for Wuthering Waves can claim and how they can claim them.

Full list of Wuthering Waves pre-register rewards

Players who pre-registered for Wuthering Waves are eligible to claim multiple rewards including Shell Credits and Lustrous Tides.

Much like other games that run pre-registration campaigns before launch, the more players who pre-registered, the better rewards players got. Fortunately, Wuthering Waves received much attention thanks to its constant comparisons to two major, established franchises in Genshin Impact and Dark Souls. 

The pre-register rewards

Here is the full lineup of pre-register rewards for Wuthering Waves:

  • Shell Credit x 80,000 (5 million pre-registrations)
  • Advanced Resonance Potion x 10 (10 million pre-registrations)
  • Astrite x 200 (15 million pre-registrations)
  • Sigil: En Route x 1 (20 million pre-registrations)
  • Lustrous Tide x 20 (30 million pre-registrations)

In addition to these rewards, players can also receive a Rangers’ Series weapon of choice. This extra reward is thanks to the Wuthering Waves social media platforms reaching the milestone of five million followers.

How to claim pre-register rewards in Wuthering Waves

After completing Wuthering Waves’ tutorial, pre-registration rewards can be claimed from the in-game mail.

Players need to go through a tutorial at the start of Wuthering Waves, which teaches players the general mechanics while introducing key characters and story threads. The tutorial ends with a boss fight against the Overlord-level Crownless. Pre-register players can claim their rewards after fighting the Crownless.

Opening the terminal
Opening the terminal

A cutscene plays out after the boss fight, after which players are free to roam wherever they want. This is also when unlocks this portion of the menus.

To claim the pre-registration rewards, open the terminal by clicking ESC on a keyboard, start on a controller, or tapping the screen’s top-right icon. 

The mail icon
The mail icon

This brings up the menu. From there, navigate to the mail icon at the bottom of the screen. A list of mail will be included, with the most exciting being marked as containing rewards. Those who pre-registered for Wuthering Waves should be greeted by one.

Claiming the pre-register rewards
Claiming the pre-register rewards

Open the pre-registration reward message and click the “claim” option to acquire all the rewards.

This will give players a trove of resources and currency that can help them get started in this new gacha RPG. Naturally, any offering of free items is a valuable gift that can help players beef up their party, or recruit new characters for it.

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