Wuthering Waves devs reveal fix plans, rewards for game’s bugs

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Complaints about performance and server issues quickly followed Wuthering Waves’ launch, but the developers revealed plans for fixes and rewards for players impacted.

Wuthering Waves is the latest gacha game to come out of China. However, the Unreal Engine-made game faces plenty of performance and gameplay problems. Naturally, players took to social media to voice their concerns, raining on the parade of one of the spring’s biggest releases. Kuro Games was quick to acknowledge the situation and promised players a quick resolution.

The developers have already launched multiple hotfixes to combat the problems and are also rewarding players for the inconvenience. The game is currently out on iOS, Android, and PC and ideally, players on all three platforms will be able to have the game running smoothly before long.

Wuthering Waves’ incoming improvements 

Kuro Games has provided details about the improvement plan to rectify some of Wuthering Waves’ bugs and lagging issues. 

In a blog post, the developers addressed Wuthering Waves’ gameplay issues and revealed extra rewards to pay back frustrated players. The most significant improvement coming to Wuthering Waves is the improved skip function. The skip button’s presentation was difficult to read for many, and many cutscenes needed to be sat through in their entirety. The developers will make the main quest stories and character dialogues outside cutscenes. However, some cutscenes cannot be skipped due to technical limitations.

Other planned improvements include better controller support, polishing the UI in combat, and adjusting environmental props that block the action. The developers are also working on a new layered map display function, optimized NPC assets, and more Echo transformations. 

Wuthering Waves rewards coming after launch issues 

Wuthering Waves gives 10 Radiant Tides to all players who have reached Union Level 2 or above by August 3, 2024.

Radiant Tides are “gacha pulls” that offer new characters and weapons. Players will also obtain a free custom 5-Star Standard Resonator voucher. A Resonator is a character that can be obtained, and a 5-star denotes its “rarity or quality.” Kuro Games also issued an apology on the official BiliBili account in Chinese.

“We have identified some issues that have impacted your gaming experience and are now actively working on solutions,” said another post.

Wuthering Waves is planned to come to PlayStation consoles at some point. It’s unclear whether a Nintendo Switch version or Xbox release is possible.

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