What we know about Wuthering Waves’ PS4, PS5 release date

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The launch of Wuthering Waves has attracted millions, but those millions haven’t included PS4 and PS5 owners as release date info remains murky.

Wuthering Waves had an unfortunately messy launch in May 2024. Despite the praise for the core game, many players reported game-breaking bugs, some before Wuthering Waves even launched. Login timeouts, random crashes, and poorly localized text are only some of the many issues Wuthering Waves faces post-launch.

The most striking issue for many players is how unoptimized Wuthering Waves feels. The game reportedly stutters and drops frames, even on powerful machines. The dev team promises to fix these issues, but fans now have to wonder if these issues will delay plans for a console release.

Wuthering Waves PS4 and PS5 release date details

Kuro Games confirmed it will bring Wuthering Waves to consoles but there are no official release dates for any yet.

While the developer is confident in a console release in the future,  the studio did not commit to a particular platform. The studio reportedly announced at Unreal Fest Shangai 2023 that Wuthering Waves will be launched on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, specifically. Genshin Impact released its PS4 and PC versions simultaneously, so the Wuthering Waves team likely wants to catch up with its competitor soon.

Of course, Genshin Impact’s PS4 port was far from perfect. Upon launch, many fans noted how much better Genshin Impact ran on PC and mobile devices. The game was mired on PS4 by several technical and server issues. A native PS5 version was later released and many of those issues for the PS4 were improved over time.

PlayStation consoles are the only ones that offer Genshin Impact. This means that an Xbox and Nintendo Switch release for Wuthering Waves is less likely.

With Wuthering Waves experiencing technical issues on the PC launch, any hopes for an imminent console release may have to wait. Many console players expressed disappointment at the staggered release. After all, console players would miss much of the game’s initial hype period and promotional events. 

In addition, console players must be careful of spoilers if they want a fresh experience. In essence, Kuro Games isn’t serving a sizeable portion of its fanbase. While Kuro Games hasn’t officially called out Genshin Impact, gacha gamers have been wanting a serious competitor for HoYoverse titles. Regardless, Wuthering Waves players will have to wait a while for a proper console release. 

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