New Valve game Deadlock already on Steam, ready for download

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Valve’s latest and still unannounced game Deadlock is already on Steam, and several active players are testing it live.

Deadlock has seen plenty of leaks in the past week. From its name to in-game screenshots, everything is out. Recently, gameplay snippets of the title were also leaked online, showing players how the game looks in motion. The leaked footage is presumably from a work-in-progress build of the game, not the final version. 

Valve is dipping its toes in the hero shooter genre with Deadlock. Overwatch clearly inspires many aspects of the game, while some mechanics are pulled from MOBAs. It was assumed that the game is still in early development, so it’s a surprise to see the title already up on Steam, albeit secretly. 

Is Deadlock on Steam already? 

According to a SteamDB page, a build of Deadlock is already hosted on Valve’s digital game platform, Steam. 

While initially thought to be a hoax, SteamDB owner xPaw reportedly confirms the page’s legitimacy. xPaw also claims that someone gave the SteamDB bot a key. He further explains that someone tried to run the SteamDB token dumper previously, but that SteamDB manually removed the token.

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SteamDB is an essential data collection tool that aims to avoid Valve’s ire as it delves into Steam’s hidden data. 

As of this writing, more than 100 players are playing Deadlock and navigating its funky lanes on Steam. The session could be the developers taking the game for a test drive, or Valve could have held a closed, invite-only testing period. Either way, Deadlock is already running on Valve’s game distribution platform. 

Is the Deadlock release date coming soon?

While nothing is confirmed, the appearance of Deadlock on Steam means a release date could be coming sooner than expected. 

The hero shooter is already up on Steam and is actively being played. Deadlock could be having a test session, but its existence on Steam means Valve is likely getting ready to move forward. It’s worth considering however that the company has not announced the game, and everything remains speculation until it does. 

SteamDB also lists the package size as 23.06 GB and the total download size as 10.27 GB. The game is receiving rapid updates, some within just a few hours of each other. The related “packages” tab on SteamDB reads “Project 8 – Staging for Beta Testing.” All signs point towards the official Deadlock reveal coming soon, even if the release date ends up being some way out.

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Written by Jared Wynne

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