Lego 2K Goal is reportedly coming, what’s its release date?

lego 2k goal

Lego 2K Goal is reportedly coming and its release date may be just around the corner. 

EA Sports FC currently dominates the discussion for modern soccer video games but arcade-style sports games have been gaining traction in recent years. While realistic games are as popular as ever with titles like EA’s FIFA and FC franchises consistently topping sales charts, gamers still appreciate a simple, over-the-top sports game. When it comes to soccer, the Mario Strikers series has been the top arcade-style option available, but it might have some competition

The Lego video game franchises feature arcade-style gameplay, and translating those mechanics to sports games could prove popular. Recent leaks suggest that Lego is doing just that with a brand-new soccer game and it may be coming out very soon. 

Lego 2K Goal is reportedly coming out in 2024

Lego 2K Goal does not have an official release date.

Lego 2K Goal technically isn’t even officially announced yet, either, but several leaks allude to its existence. In November 2023, the PlayStation Store prematurely revealed Lego 2K Goal with a shop listing. The listing revealed box art and support for up to 4 players online. The PlayStation Store quickly took the listing down. 

Kurakasis, a notable leaker who accurately reported details on Indiana Jones and the Great Circle before its announcement, claims that Lego 2K G-boal’s announcement is just around the corner. Whether the announcement will be a shadow drop or a future release date remains to be seen. Although Lego Fortnite and Lego 2K Drive gave fans something to chew on in 2023, there haven’t been any Lego game announcements for 2024. 

What other Lego games are coming out soon?

There are no Lego games officially announced to be coming soon.

Although notable for making Lego versions of famous IPs, the last game of that type was Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga in 2022. While official social media channels for WB Games indicated that some sort of Lego Harry Potter game would be released in August, this didn’t come to pass.

As for original IPs, Lego 2K Goal may fulfill that purpose for 2024 once announced. Although Kurokasis teased a 2K football game, many believed it would be FIFA. Kurakasis later clarified that the tease was meant for Lego 2K Goal. He speculates that if 2K had a new FIFA game in development, it would likely coincide with Lego 2K Goal’s announcement but there’s no indication that the game exists.

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