Is a FIFA 2K game coming out in 2024? Find out what’s happening

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EA FC might be getting a serious competitor, with teases that FIFA 2K 24 may actually become a reality.

EA Sports’ FIFA dominates the football game niche and has been popular enough to serve as a launchpad for major online creators such as Olajide Olayinka Williams “KSI” Olatunji and Harry “w2s” Lewis. Though there have always been competitors, EA tightened its grip on the space with competitors like Konami’s eFootball hitting the skids in recent years.

Despite this, the “FIFA” series from EA technically died out in 2022, as EA Sports and FIFA could not reach an agreement over licensing. Thus, FIFA 23 became the last installment under the EA brand, with EA FC taking its place. That stumble may provide an opening though, as another iconic sports game developer might be reviving the dormant football franchise. 

Is 2K Games developing FIFA 2K?

2K Games may be developing a FIFA-branded soccer game in 2024.

Kurakasis is a notable leaker who has accurately reported details on “Indiana Jones And The Great Circle” and “Sonic x Shadow Generations.” Kurakasis teased the possibility of a FIFA 2K24 on social media, which implied 2K Games would be the franchise’s new home.

2K Games is one of EA Sports’ most relevant competitors in the sports gaming niche. Their roster of sports franchises includes 2K-branded games for the NBA, WWE, MLB, and PGA Tour. With the studio’s experience with sports franchises and licensing, FIFA may be confident in trusting 2K Sports with the brand after its partnership with EA fell apart. 

What is FIFA 2K24’s release date?

2K Games has not set a release date for FIFA 2K. 2K Games hasn’t even officially confirmed the existence of FIFA 2K.

However, FIFA had a consistent release schedule during its nearly two-decade-long lifespan. Every year since FIFA Football 2005, EA Sports released a FIFA game in late September or early October.  2K Games notably follows a similar pattern with its releases for NBA 2K. If 2K Games confirms the next FIFA for 2024, FIFA 2K may be released sometime between September 2024 and October 2024.

One of the potential concerns over a 2K-made soccer game is EA’s vast roster of exclusively licensed football clubs and leagues. This monopoly would put a FIFA 2K series in an awkward spot, as it’s forced to avoid showing many of the sport’s most iconic brands. Regardless, this is a major shakeup for one of video games’ biggest franchises.

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