Are Final Fantasy 7 and One Piece really coming to Fortnite?

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Fortnite continues picking up crossovers, and this time around, One Piece and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth characters may be hopping on the battle bus.

Fortnite’s crossovers aren’t stopping anytime soon. Disney announced a planned $1.5 billion investment into Epic Games and with the sheer number of properties under Disney’s thumb, crossovers will continue to be a highlight of the Fortnite experience. That doesn’t mean that Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney are going to be the only IPs featured moving forward, though.

Some of the biggest names in video games and anime have already been added to Fortnite and next on the list, according to reports, are the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and the ever-growing anime series One Piece. The news comes from the XboxEra podcast, which has been regularly teasing upcoming Fortnite collabs in recent months.

Will One Piece and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth be in Fortnite?

One Piece and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth are among a list of planned Fortnite collaborations. Nick Baker of the XboxEra podcast has accurately broken gaming news in the past, including impending Fortnite crossovers such as Miles Morales and Doom Slayer. Also included in this list are high-profile properties including Masters of the Universe, and additions from both Marvel and DC Comics.

Another battle royale, Apex Legends, recently collaborated with Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, so the precedent is there for Square Enix. As for One Piece, the franchise was part of several crossover fighting games such as Jump Force and Battle Stadium DON. Luffy’s absence feels strange given the appearance of other iconic shounen anime protagonists like Goku and Naruto in Fortnite, so 2024 may fix that.

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Release date info for One Piece and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth skins in Fortnite

There is no word on when One Piece of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth skins may be released in Fortnite. None of the stakeholders associated with the IPs have teased or announced

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is set to be released on February 29, 2024, and may coincide with its crossover Fortnite DLC as a promotion. Fans also celebrate the anniversary of One Piece’s serialization in July, which could be a potential release date for the Straw Hat crew’s debut in Fortnite. Given how Fortnite skins are often discovered by data miners before they’re made available in the game, fans will likely have a warning before they officially start popping up in games.

The latest Fortnite season already has a wacky lineup of collab characters from Fortnite, Dragon Ball Z, and Metal Gear Solid. If the Straw Hat crew and Cloud’s party join the roster, 2024 may be one of Fortnite’s most exciting years for crossovers. 

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