Sonic x Shadow Generations revealed, and it’s not alone

sonic x shadow generations

January 31, 2024’s State of Play announced Sonic x Shadow Generations, the next major release in the Sonic franchise.

As the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 movie looms, Sega seemingly has big plans this year for the beloved Blue Hedgehog as a modern remaster of the 2011 classic Sonic Generations was announced at the State of Play event. That includes a new console title for release later this year, though “new” might technically be a debatable word to attach to the game. That said, those looking for an actual new Sonic title might still have something to look forward to later this year.

A fresh batch of leaks from a regular source of accurate news on Sega and its subsidiaries revealed details regarding a new project that will take the character in an all-new direction. They stated that numerous Sonic mobile games are coming to different stores.

Sonic x Shadow Generations is a remaster of Sonic Generations

A remaster of Sonic Generations titled Sonic X Shadow Generations is coming out.

In addition to polished graphics and enhanced visuals, the upcoming Sonic x Shadow Generations will have several additions that weren’t present in the 2011 original. The most prevalent of those additions is the ability for players to play as Shadow. Nick Baker of the Xbox Era podcast stated before the event that a Sonic Generations Remaster was to be revealed in the January 31 State of Play, and that’s what happened.

The original game had two different iterations of Sonic to play as and will throw Shadow into the mix as well. Sonic x Shadow Generations is coming out in Fall 2024. No exact release date was confirmed.

Sonic mobile games reportedly set for release in 2024

A leaker claims that a Sonic Chao game and a Sonic sports title are under development, and the Fall Guys-style title has a release window for early summer 2024. The news comes from MbKKssTBhz5, who is best known for revealing news on upcoming Atlus games. Atlus is a subsidiary of Sega.

Alongside Sonic x Shadow Generations will reportedly be a slew of mobile games, even beyond the pair they discussed.

The Sonic Chao game will be exclusive to Netflix games and will join Sonic Mania in the subscription’s ever-growing game catalog. Chaos are cutesy creatures in the Sonic universe that look similar to other characters in the series, suggesting the game will likely be a spin-off title like the Chocobo games in the Final Fantasy series.

The Sonic Chao game is reportedly titled Sonic Chao Guardians and will likely play like the Chao Garden side game that Sonic Adventure 2 is known for, where players raise Chao as virtual pets. Alongside is information regarding a new Fall Guys-style battle royale game starring Sonic characters.

Finally, a Sonic sports game will reportedly be coming to Apple Arcade. It’s not known if the game will be like the Mario and Sonic Olympic Games series or if it will be an entirely new approach.

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