Next Sonic the Hedgehog game is reportedly based on Fall Guys

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Sega is reportedly working on a mobile battle royale-style Sonic the Hedgehog game inspired by Fall Guys for iOS and Android, and it may be the next game in the franchise.

The quality of Sonic games has varied wildly over the years. The Sonic fandom has long since accepted that it’s a flip of the coin whether Sonic Team’s next venture will be a reinvigoration of the franchise or a game that gets ruthlessly bashed like Sonic Boom or Sonic ’06.

Console releases have seen a mixed reception for recent installments. Sonic Frontiers and Sonic Superstars, the most recent outings from the blue hedgehog, received mixed reviews. Now, it seems that Sega is looking to re-enter the mobile gaming world with a Sonic release.

Next Sonic the Hedgehog game may be a mobile Fall Guys-style battle royale

The next Sonic game will reportedly be a mobile spin-off game similar to Fall Guys.

Sonic is no stranger to the world of brightly-colored obstacle courses. In June 2022, the Sonic franchise even collaborated with Fall Guys, giving players new skins based on Sonic, Knuckles and Tails. Sega may have seen the success of Fall Guys and thought about entering that space as a competitor.

The news comes from MbKKssTBhz5, a leaker who has released materials related to Persona publisher Atlus on multiple occasions. Atlus is a subsidiary of Sega.

The untitled Sonic project is reportedly set to be distributed on iOS and Android. Whether it’s exclusive to these mobile platforms is currently unclear. A Sonic multiplayer game in the same vein as Fall Guys makes sense, with both being fast-paced platformers. 

Despite the spotty history of its games, the Sonic franchise as a whole has been successful and is being positioned prominently across the media space. Neo-retro platformer Sonic Mania is set to be distributed by Netflix Games alongside the Sonic Prime animated series. Meanwhile, the release of the third Sonic movie looms on the horizon.

In both interviews and statements, Sega leadership has discussed plans to let acclaimed franchises like Sonic carry the company forward. Sega announced remakes and reboots for several classic IPs such as Jet Set Radio, but Sonic is likely to remain front and center.

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