Sonic Mania is 1 of the many games you can play on Netflix in 2024

sonic mania plus

Netflix announced some big titles that will be added to the Netflix Games service, including Sonic Mania Plus.

The streaming platform Netflix has been busy adding games for subscribers, and a number of notable titles are set to join them. Arguably the most eye-catching of the lot is the acclaimed Sonic Mania Plus which was originally released in 2018 as an expansion to the 2017 Sonic Mania. The game takes inspiration from classic Sonic the Hedgehog titles but adds a new spin to them with new platforming elements, characters, and bosses.

While there are many titles that Netflix plans to add to its catalog in 2024, there are still plenty of titles for subscribers to enjoy right now. These titles range from adaptations of Netflix originals to ports of fan-favorite classics.

What games are available to play on Netflix Games?

There are currently over 85 games available on Netflix Games, ranging from popular indie titles like Shovel Knight Pocket Edition to mobile classics like Cut The Rope.

Netflix also added Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: Definitive Edition, which includes remastered versions of GTA 3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas. Additionally, several titles based on popular Netflix original shows like Stranger Things: 1984, Narcos: Cartel Wars Unlimited, and Queen’s Gambit Chess are playable for subscribers at no additional cost.

Fans can also find games based on multiple known IPs and series that aren’t necessarily directly associated with the service like Spongebob and TMNT. There are also games related to titles that have received adaptations from the company. This includes a Tomb Raider mobile game, which has an upcoming Netflix series, and League of Legends spin-off Hextech Mayhem which ties into characters from Arcane.

The Netflix Games catalog is continuously expanding as the streaming platform adds new titles. It’s unclear what Netflix’s goal is with this. While it could be aiming to offer subscribers a better value than competing services, it may be looking to establish itself as an alternative to Xbox Game Pass.

Sonic Mania Plus, Hades, and more coming to Netflix Games

Games being added to the Netflix Games catalog in 2024 include Sonic Mania Plus, Game Dev Tycoon, and a game set in the Squid Games universe.

While there isn’t much currently known about the upcoming Squid Games adptation. Netflix has stated that players will compete against recognizable characters from the series.

A number of critically acclaimed indie titles including Hades and Braid are also slated to be added to the service in 2024. There’s no word on when Hades is coming to Netflix Games.

Out of every upcoming Netflix game, only two have a release date. Those games are Money Heist: Ultimate Choice, a game based on the hit Netflix live-action series, and Braid: Anniversary Edition. The Money Heist game will be added to Netflix Games on January 4, while Braid will be playable from April 30.

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