Netflix Games now offers big indie titles including Hades, Braid


Netflix is adding more titles to its ever-increasing library of games, and the list includes a slew of indie darlings including Braid, Hades, and Katana Zero.

The streaming giant Netflix has been making gaming a priority since 2021. Since then, Netflix has been consistently adding games to its catalog, with even more games being announced at the Netflix Geeked Week event. While many of these have been cross-branded with Netflix shows or just generally small, that’s changing with an influx of modern indie hits.

Alongside these massive hits are a number of brand-new games. With multiple big-name streaming services now offering games to subscribers, the industry seems to be upping the ante by offering established, popular titles.


What titles are coming to Netflix Games?

Popular indie games such as Hades, Braid, and Death’s Door, among others, are joining the Netflix Games roster.

The first of these games is the dungeon-crawler roguelike Hades. The 2020 acclaimed hit, will be playable for iOS members in 2024 through Netflix, which is when Hades 2 is expected to be released as well. However, there hasn’t been an exact date announced as of yet, and Supergiant Games, the developer of Hades, has commented that it has no plans for an Android version.

The classic platformer Braid from 2008, is also going to make an appearance in the Netflix Games section with the Anniversary Edition. Braid is one of a handful of games that sparked a revolution of independently released games. Not only will the visuals be completely revamped but unlike Hades, it will be available for both Android and iOS users to enjoy.

Additionally, the Zelda-inspired adventure game Death’s Door will make its mobile debut and be featured in Netflix’s library. Alongside these recognizable games are a handful of other titles too.

These include the hack-and-slash Katana Zero, the heist game Chicken Run: Eggstraction, and the action RPG The Dragon Prince: Xadia. Money Heist, a title based on the popular Netflix show of the same name, will be joining the Netflix gaming catalog as well.

How to play games on Netflix

Players can play games on Netflix by simply using the Netflix app and going to the games tab at the bottom.

If the user’s device is compatible with Netflix Games, subscribers can play their favorite titles on the Netflix app. There is a games tab at the bottom, and once the user opens that menu, they can select a game to play and enjoy. Also, titles from the Netflix Games collection frequently show up on the app’s homepage for easy access.

As streaming services focus more on games, with Crunchyroll Vault recently coming out, it’s clear that an arms race is developing in the industry to offer the most value to subscribers. As the gaming industry gets more popular, some can’t help but wonder which streaming service will be the next to follow this trend.

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Written by Hannan Mundia

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