The release date for Insomiac’s Wolverine may have just leaked

Wolverine Insomniac

The release date for Insomniac’s Wolverine may have been leaked by an artist for the upcoming game.

Developer Insomniac is now at the forefront of modern superhero games in the absence of Rocksteady’s Arkham Batman titles. With all eyes on the Insomniac’s upcoming releases, especially after the massive success of the studio’s new hit Spider-Man 2, people are scavenging for any news.

Luckily for those fans, a concept artist on ArtStation listed Wolverine under the productions they are currently working on. Interestingly, the production actually showed an estimated release date for the the new Wolverine game.

When is Wolverine PS5 coming out?

Wolverine’s release window is potentially set for 2024, according to a new leak.

The ArtStation profile listed Wolverine as coming out in 2024. However, the artist has since deleted the entry for the game, alongside a release date for the upcoming TMNT video game, Last Ronin, which was slated for 2025. 

Wolverine Insomniac patch

As far as production cycles go, a 2024 release date for Wolverine isn’t unrealistic for Insomniac. The game was confirmed to be in early production back in 2021, which would mark 2024 as its fourth year in development. For context, the first Insomniac Spider-Man game also took four years to develop. In between the 2018 release of the first Spider-Man game and its sequel in 2023, they released Spider-Man: Miles Morales in 2020, though the game did recycle several assets. 

Which superhero games is Insomniac making?

Currently, Insomniac is only working on the Spider-Man and Wolverine superhero games, both representing Marvel. Even so, fans are already eager to speculate as to what could be next once the Wolverine release date has come and gone.

There has been no fresh news regarding the next superhero that Insomniac plans to tackle once Wolverine is released. The upcoming Game Awards could potentially play host to some news on that front, but until then, fans are left to speculate.

Many seem to want Insomniac to tackle the Hulk using the same formula. After all, The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is one of the most beloved early open-world superhero games. Paired with Insomniac’s AAA quality output, it’s easy to see why it’s a popular suggestion.

Others believe that Insomniac will branch out Wolverine PS5’s story into including more of the X-Men roster. Perhaps comic book fans could see an updated version of the old squad-based action game X-Men: Legends. Whatever Insomniac is cooking next, fans are sure to follow eagerly.

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