Super Mario RPG remake leaked, here’s what was discovered

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The Super Mario RPG remake isn’t officially out yet, but some people got their hands on it early thanks to another early Nintendo ROM leak. 

Super Mario RPG, which was originally developed by Squaresoft, has a remake which is set to be released on November 17. However, the full game’s ROM has leaked and seen some spoilers hit social media. This continues a trend of major Nintendo being distributed by pirates before hitting storefronts.

Since the game is unofficially in the hands of some players, interesting details are emerging regarding it. This includes some interesting tidbits about its development and game engine as well as some further reveals about what’s in store for players.

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Has the Super Mario RPG remake been leaked?

Nintendo’s Super Mario RPG remake has been leaked online, and some players are already playing it.

Purist fans may be happy to know there is not much to leak story-wise. The original Super Mario RPG is almost 30 years old and the game stays true to the SNES classic. There were some notable reveals regarding the development of the game. The Super Mario RPG remake game runs on the Unity Engine version 2021.3.15f1 and Nintendo’s internal codename for the Super Mario RPG remake is “Stella.”

There is one notable discovery from the leak regarding the game’s content.

The biggest find thus far is the hidden boss Culex being slightly reimagined in the game, appearing in 2D and then in a new 3D design. Culex is a Final Fantasy-inspired boss who was also present in the original and combines elements of various SNES-era Final Fantasy villains. In addition, long-awaited music tracks that were newly made for the Super Mario RPG remake were also leaked.

culex in super mario rpg remake

That said, social media is currently strewn with spoiler landmines for players wanting to play the game with a blank slate. Players may want to be careful if they’re actively avoiding any reveals.

Super Mario RPG continues the trend of Nintendo game leaks

The ROMs of both The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Mario Bros: Wonder, two huge games released this year, were also leaked ahead of their launch.

This continues what has become a yearslong tradition of Nintendo being the leakiest of the console manufacturers, despite also being the most aggressive when it comes to taking down content. Nintendo isn’t just leaking its own games either, as there were a series of scoops for Mortal Kombat 1 after a gamer obtained a physical Switch copy of the game and revealed unannounced characters.

These manners of leaks sometimes foretell ugly launch versions of games, something that was previously seen with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. However, it also might not serve gamers well as it can lead to spoilers and also highlights the game’s performance before adding any day-one patches.

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