Super Mario RPG: How different is the remake from the original?

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The Super Mario RPG remake is finally coming out, but what changes and differences can fans expect when compared to the 1996 original? Both a lot and a little.

The original Squaresoft-developed Super Mario RPG: Legends of the Seven Stars, was released on March 9, 1996 for the SNES. The game was re-released on the Wii and Wii U Virtual Console but it was seemingly left behind by the Nintendo Switch, standing as one of the most noticeable omissions from the lineup of SNES games made available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

While the original game is still missing, a remake is about to arrive. The question, however, is how faithful the Super Mario RPG remake will be to the SNES original. To this point, it seems like the answer is that it masterfully emulates the original.

What differences are there between the remake of Super Mario RPG and the original?

The Super Mario RPG remake has improved graphics, a revamped soundtrack, and enhanced gameplay but is largely faithful to the original.

The most obvious change is how the Super Mario RPG remake looks. While it isn’t officially called a remake, the game has been rebuilt from the ground up, seeing Mario and his allies jump from pre-rendered 3D graphics to actual 3D models.

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Fans can also expect a newly arranged soundtrack by the legendary Yoko Shimomura, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo has forgotten about the original. The remake gives players the option to use the original game’s soundtrack if they desire.

There will also be several additions and some differences between the Super Mario RPG remake and the original version. In addition to there being an easy mode which wasn’t present in the original, there are also new battle mechanics present. These include the option to damage all of the enemies on the screen by using AOE attacks and performing devastating triple attacks by consuming the newly added battle gauge which fills as you perform successful action commands.

Finally, there’s also new post-game content for players to enjoy after beating the main story. Players can expect to rematch bosses they defeated once already, tackle familiar optional bosses, and unlock a music player to browse through the soundtrack at will.

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What is the Super Mario RPG remake release date?

The Super Mario RPG remake will be released on November 17 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The game is currently available to pre-order both digitally and physically.

Nintendo discussed its plans to guarantee a long lifecycle for the Nintendo Switch, and the company is leaning heavily on remakes and remasters to do so, with a particular emphasis on Mario. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, and Trace Memory are all set to be re-released on the Switch in the coming months.

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