Meet Lethal Company, the new horror game blowing up Twitch

lethal company

Lethal Company is an early-access online co-op horror game that has garnered a significant number of positive reviews on Steam and is quickly growing on Twitch. 

Online co-op horror games have become a go-to option for having spooky fun with friends. Left 4 Dead created a wave of imitators and homages, including plenty of solid alternatives such as Back 4 Blood, Dead by Daylight, The Forest, and Phasmophobia. It’s a crowded field, but Lethal Company has started to stand out, garnering over 5,000 positive reviews on Steam.

Lethal Company captures the thrill of adventuring across planets with unique biomes and layers it with spine-tingling moments that defy the ordinary. So is this early-access game here to stay? More importantly, is it worth getting?

What kind of game is Lethal Company?

In Lethal Company, up to four players must scavenge abandoned moons to meet their company’s scrap metal quota, under threat of being fired if they fail.

Each scavenging quest begins on a random planet, with individually assigned tasks to those inside or outside the ship. Walkie-talkies are used to communicate, and players collect items and assist with various tasks. The moons feature randomized layouts, where scavengers use tools such as lockpicks, shovels, and grenades to explore and battle monsters.

The gameplay loop revolves around collecting loot for purchasing upgrades and gaining access to higher-tier moons with better loot and stronger monsters. Loot values depend on the visited moon and the strength and characteristics of each monster. If the players die, they will lose all the loot they have gathered. Managing the risk-reward relationship is also a significant challenge in the game.

Is Lethal Company good?

Lethal Company has garnered strong reviews thanks to its ability to deliver a unique experience with every outing.

Planets can have a variety of hazards including perpetual storms, eternal drizzle, or endless rain, each affecting the loot capacity and duration of storage. Prolonged stays on a planet increase the likelihood of encountering traps and dangerous monsters, including hidden worms, stomping giants, and lethal stalker ghost girls. These creatures spawn at different times and under different conditions due to the inherent randomness in play.

The in-game voice chat also makes players’ sounds feel distinct enough with a certain echo that adds to the surprise and terror of encountering these monsters. As an early-access game, Lethal Company has fans eagerly anticipating future additions to the fun base formula, including more monsters, moons, locations, and scavenging tools.

Early access to Lethal Company costs just $10, making it a solid value for those wanting a new co-op horror game.

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Written by Mohamed Hassan

Mohamed still treasures his time playing games on the original PlayStation, speedrunning through the Megaman X games and replaying acclaimed role-playing game Chrono Cross countless times. Since then, his love for JRPGs and platformers has only grown and is among the driving forces behind his passion for writing about video games. He has previously written for DualShockers and Same Old Gaming, and he can be found on Twitter / X at @Weltschmerz2887.

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