Get the details on Dawnwalker: Origins, The Witcher’s new rival

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Rebel Wolves, a game development studio founded by CD Projekt Red veterans, has confirmed that it’s working on Dawnwalker: Origins, the first game since the inception of the studio.

Dawnwalker: Origins has been one of the worst-kept secrets over the last year in game development. Job listings, domains, and numerous statements have given fans plenty of information regarding the studio’s previously rumored first game, Dawnwalker: Origins, and a post by Rebel Wolves officially confirmed the studio’s debut title.

Thanks to various tidbits of information, fans already know quite a bit about the upcoming Dawnwalker: Origins, despite the studio not having revealed much. The known information includes what it is, how far the game is in development, and what platforms can expect a release.

What is Dawnwalker: Origins?

Dawnwalker: Origins is an open-world dark fantasy RPG game by Rebel Wolves, a studio founded by CD Projekt Red developers. The game’s concept art shows various vampiric elements, including bats and a character with fangs. 

Trademark and registered domains of Rebel Wolves, alongside statements on the studio’s websites and LinkedIn profiles, suggest that Dawnwalker: Origins will be the first title in the Dawnwalker Saga, with more media coming to the IP later. While the new IP will reportedly have similarities to The Witcher series, it won’t be related to the already-established franchise.

Other statements from developers suggest that the title will not have any microtransactions and all of the content will be the same across all platforms it will be on, which may be a slight dig at their former employers at CD Projekt Red which notably dropped new content releases for Cyberpunk 2077 including the Phantom Liberty DLC and the final major content patch. This content wasn’t released digitally and the Cyberpunk 2077: Ultimate Edition release will not arrive on Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Dawnwalker will be built in Unreal Engine 5. The developers at Rebel Wolves themselves have been comparing the game to The Witcher 3, suggesting confidence in the final product and clear gameplay parallels with the popular action RPG.

When is Dawnwalker: Origins releasing?

Dawnwalker: Origins doesn’t have a release date yet nor have its platforms been confirmed.

Rebel Wolves was formed in early 2022 and the studio is seemingly presenting its first title as a AAA game. With the gestation period for major releases growing steadily, it’s possible it won’t be out any time soon.

As for platforms, Rebel Wolves is an independent studio so its games could hypothetically be published on all platforms. The landscape is changing rapidly in that regard, with PlayStation titles having shortened exclusivity windows and Xbox exclusives being released on other platforms. What that looks like when Dawnwalker comes out, and whether the Nintendo Switch 2 will be able to handle it, will only become certain with time.

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