Sea of Thieves may be coming to PlayStation, Xbox fans are mad

sea of thieves

Sea of Thieves is reportedly coming to PlayStation consoles in the future and Xbox fans are not handling it well.

Developed by Rare, Sea of Thieves has been exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox consoles and Windows PCs since its release in 2018. Sea of Thieves announced that it hit over 30 million players as of June 2022. Though it doesn’t necessarily have the identifiable characters or established brand name of Halo, Forza, or Gears of War, the numbers say it ranks among the Xbox’s biggest first-party hits.

It was expected that Microsoft would keep that kind of game under wraps to help shore up the Xbox’s lineup of console exclusives, especially since it fought so hard to strengthen that portfolio with the purchase of Activision-Blizzard. However, it seems that Xbox is intent on doing the exact opposite as reports indicate that Xbox games will be dropping on competing platforms, potentially with Sea of Thieves set to be the first of many.

Is Sea of Thieves coming to PlayStation?

Sea of Thieves will reportedly arrive on PlayStation consoles and possibly on Nintendo Switch, according to multiple reports.

This follows earlier rumors that Hi-Fi Rush might be breaking out of its Xbox cage. This first started when Nate the Hate reported that a very successful first-party Xbox game will be ported to competing video game platforms, with his wording leading people to the conclusion of Hi-Fi Rush. This was followed by a wave of leakers and reporters corroborating different facets of this. Stephen Totilo then honed in on Sea of Thieves as potentially coming to PlayStation. There’s no official word on Microsoft releasing Hi-fi Rush or Sea of Thieves on PlayStation or Nintendo consoles.

This reporting has been met with frustration from some Xbox fans, who effectively say they’ve been betrayed by Microsoft.

Though Microsoft has been aggressive with acquisitions it hasn’t yielded a robust catalog of first-party games. The before-and-after when it comes to game developers acquired by Microsoft is often unflattering, with companies like Lionhead Studios and Rare losing much or all of the prestige once attached to them. Even if a turnkey operation falls on its lap, which was the case with Halo, it doesn’t guarantee long-term success. This has come to a head over the last two years with multiple major first-party flops from Xbox including Halo Infinite and Redfall.

Despite the fan frustration, the industry as a whole seems to be moving in this direction. The Insomniac Games leak revealed that Sony’s long-term plans include an emphasis on live-service games that will launch simultaneously on PC and PlayStation consoles, with the Spider-Man games potentially set to receive this treatment. Time will tell whether these plans come to fruition, and which company pulls the trigger first.

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