Fans rage over FF7 Rebirth x Apex Legends event, here’s why

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The Apex Legends and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth crossover event is causing an uproar with fans over the price for getting every skin. 

Apex Legends had its first crossover event with an unlikely partner. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth likely wasn’t on top of many people’s predictions, but it happened anyway and initial reactions were positive. The skins based on the cast of the iconic RPG and the Buster Sword heirloom were all well-received.

However, players soon realized that not every unlockable would be so easy or affordable to get. Although Legendary Skins are easily purchasable from the in-game store, other drops are much rarer. In particular, the Buster Sword has a less than 1% chance of dropping. That’s on top of being available only in event-specific lootboxes.

How much does it cost to get all the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth items in Apex Legends?

It’s estimated that unlocking every Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth cosmetic will cost over $300.

An event loot box costs 1,000 Apex Coins, worth roughly $10. The low drop rates mean players will likely be shelling out a ton if they’re looking to complete the collection. That’s because the One-Winged Angel skin for the death box is only unlocked when a player has all 36 Final Fantasy 7 items in their collection.

While they cost a pretty penny, it’s worth noting that all of these items are purely optional and cosmetic. They are all skins and don’t actually factor into the gameplay or offer a competitive advantage. Even the Buster Sword R5 is merely a cosmetic version of the in-game Takeover weapon. Still, some fans who were once excited about the collaboration now have a bitter taste in their mouth upon realizing the cost of the collection.

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Will Final Fantasy 7 cosmetics still be obtainable in Apex Legends once the event ends?

The Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth items, including the Buster Sword R5, will not be available in the Apex Legends Mythic Shop after the event ends.

Perhaps adding to people’s frustration is the fact that this is a limited-time event. The Apex Legends and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth event ends on January 30, 2024. After that, they have no chance of getting their big, cool sword ever again.

It’s unclear which other cosmetics will be removed from the game once the event ends. The official Apex Legends site only pointed out the Buster Sword. It can be assumed the One-Winged Angel death box will also be unobtainable once the event ends, seeing as it requires all 36 event items to be unlocked.

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