More Wolverine gameplay details leak, including stealth elements

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Marvel’s Wolverine for the PlayStation 5 is looking to cover all of the iconic X-Man’s qualities in its gameplay, including in-depth stealth mechanics and destructible environments.

Insomniac Games‘ leaks will likely continue to provide more information on Wolverine for the foreseeable future. The leaks, which started in early December 2023, were spurred by a malicious hacker after their ransom demands were met with rejection from Insomniac. They’ve resulted in an incredible amount of sensitive information reaching the public including major story details for upcoming games and business secrets.

Marvel’s Wolverine has been the subject of most of these leaks, with an entire build of the game and developer diaries popping up on forums and social media. Everything from the characters showing up in Wolverine to potential teases for a PS5 Pro has been revealed, and the train’s not stopping yet. More major gameplay details are being uncovered by the day.

Secret War

Insomniac’s Wolverine will have stealth mechanics

Wolverine will have an open-ended approach to its combat, with both stealth and aggression mechanics being present.

Whistling as a lure, lockpicking, and stealth kills were revealed in leaked gameplay footage for Marvel’s Wolverine. One clip even showed the option to do a “Silent Takedown” or “Burst In”, meaning players have some freedom of choice as far as handling missions go. While some might think that stealth is out of character for the Wolverine, this is far from the truth.

Comic fans will know the X-Men weren’t even the first group Wolverine ever joined. Instead, the black-ops unit called “Team X” was technically Logan’s first-ever team. They were under strict military authority to perform morally ambiguous missions, oftentimes with espionage. He has also taken on a number of notable lowkey missions like taking part in Nick Fury’s Secret War and leading the Uncanny X-Force of the 2010s.

Will Insomniac’s Wolverine have destructible environments?

Wolverine will feature destructible elements that affect gameplay.

Destructible environments have been a rarity in superhero games, which is a shame. After all, The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction was one of the early pioneers of destructible sandbox environments.

It’s only fitting that Wolverine picks up the chaotic mantle from his first-ever foe in the comics. There are environmental hazards, walls that can be burst through for flanking, and even throwable explosives from fallen foes. One unique interactable seems to give Wolverine an electric power-up if they stab a transformer. Overall, the game is looking to make the environment as much a part of the action as Wolverine himself is. How this might impact his in-game partners remains to be seen.

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