Marvel’s Wolverine co-op mode may be coming after code leak

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The latest bits of code for Marvel’s Wolverine excavated from Insomniac’s leaked files suggests that the game may include a multiplayer co-op component.

Insomniac’s security breach has been a big source of information in recent weeks. The breach exposed concept art, gameplay footage, internal PC builds, and project roadmaps. It also revealed plans for multiple playable characters in Wolverine, as well as references to a potential Spider-Verse title, an X-Men game, and a Venom game.

Insomniac has reaffirmed its commitment to the project, saying that it will continue to develop and “evolve” Wolverine despite the leak. And now it looks like fans haven’t seen the last of what the game has to offer or what Insomniac has planned for their future games.

Will Marvel’s Wolverine have multiplayer?

A leaker revealed a screenshot containing strings of code that imply Marvel’s Wolverine would include co-op multiplayer or something similar that depends on an online connection.

A screenshot shared on social media revealed strings of code that strongly suggest the inclusion of multiplayer co-op in Marvel’s Wolverine. The code prominently features the term “client” in various instances, conditions, and functions. The code appears to be a mechanism for synchronizing or coordinating warp events in a multiplayer co-op setting. It ensures that all clients involved in a warp event have responded before the game logic proceeds.

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This discovery might have some weight in light of the previously leaked Insomniac presentation in which Jean Grey and Sasquatch were confirmed to be playable in Marvel’s Wolverine during certain missions. Jean Grey in particular is reportedly set to be Logan’s primary ally across several missions and would have her own distinct gameplay style based on her telekinetic abilities. Insomniac could be planning to have multiple players experience the story missions cooperatively while playing as both Wolverine and Jean Grey.

Does code leak show multiplayer co-op in Wolverine?

It’s important to note that the code could also be a remnant of an abandoned early development idea, or the foundation for the upcoming X-Men game mentioned in the leaked files. The code leak does not definitively confirm the inclusion of multiplayer co-op features in the final version of Marvel’s Wolverine, or that Insomniac is actively working on multiplayer for Wolverine just yet.

Previously, modder and Twitter user DniweTamp uncovered clues in the PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered that pointed to a cut co-op mode. This feature did not make its way into the final version of the game, or into the subsequent Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. 

A job posting on Insomniac’s website for a Lead Gameplay Engineer explicitly emphasized the need for expertise in developing “great multiplayer features.” The ad also alluded to the creation of “episodic and non-linear storylines” and required candidates to have experience creating “multiplayer narratives.” This is different from the rumored story structure for Marvel’s Wolverine which is set to be mainly a linear single player story campaign.

Known insider Nick Baker also claimed before that there’s an unannounced Marvel multiplayer project currently in the works. Baker speculated that Insomniac might be the studio working on that multiplayer game, but he wouldn’t confirm that the game was an Insomniac project.

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