Is Hi-Fi Rush coming to Nintendo Switch? Here are the facts

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A report on changes within Xbox has fans speculating that games like Hi-Fi Rush are coming to the Nintendo Switch or maybe even PlayStation 5, but is it true?

Hi-Fi Rush was one of the sleeper hits of 2023. Despite zero marketing and being a complete swerve from the studio’s previous horror-based works, Hi-Fi Rush was a massive hit. The game is a seamless blend of rhythm and action games developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks. Surprisingly, Hi-Fi Rush was launched on the very same day it was announced.

By August 2023, Hi-Fi Rush reached 3 million players across purchased copies and Game Pass subscriptions, proving that even shadow drops can still find success in the modern gaming scene. It’s a game that could break out on other platforms and fans are hopeful it might happen after a recent report.

Is Hi-Fi Rush coming to the Nintendo Switch?

There is no official confirmation that Hi-Fi Rush is coming to the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation.

Speculation stems from a statement made by Nate the Hate on his podcast, suggesting that a first-party Xbox game that was held among the best games of the year would be ported to competing platforms. He didn’t specifically point to Hi-Fi Rush or Nintendo Switch. Nate the Hate has accurately reported details on unannounced Nintendo releases on multiple occasions.

Hi-Fi Rush to the Switch makes sense, even though this is quite vague. Few Xbox first-person titles have been Game of the Year contenders, with the Forza series and Hi-Fi Rush being the only games to qualify despite what Bethesda says. Compared with Microsoft and Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have a cordial relationship as far as titans of the gaming industry go.

In February 2023, Microsoft announced a legally binding 10-year agreement with Nintendo. The agreement would ensure future Call of Duty titles would see a simultaneous Nintendo release with its Xbox counterpart. The last time a Call of Duty game was on a Nintendo console was with Call of Duty: Ghosts, back in 2013. This agreement was a show of goodwill from Microsoft to Nintendo.

Will Hi-Fi Rush get a sequel?

Tango Gameworks is open to developing a sequel to Hi-Fi Rush, but none has been confirmed.

Hi-Fi Rush had a non-conclusive ending that left the door open for a follow-up game or other media. Although the story of Hi-Fi Rush stands on its own, there’s enough intrigue to explore a potential sequel. 

Neither Tango, Bethesda, nor Xbox have confirmed any plans for anything new related to the game, but the game is arguably the greatest first-party success Microsoft has had in a long while. Given the runaway success of Hi-Fi Rush, it’s likely that there’s a franchise future for Hi-Fi Rush. Whether that’s a DLC or a full-on sequel remains to be seen. 

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