Asmongold and OTK under fire after charity fraud accusation


Questions have been raised about Asmongold and the rest of the OTK streaming group’s involvement with a marketing agency and its questionable charity practices, including the potential for charity fraud.

Asmongold is no stranger to the world of internet drama. In fact, Asmongold has made it a primary part of his content. Just recently, he has made several videos about fellow influencer and content creator Jirard the Completionist after Jirard was accused of committing charity fraud. Asmongold quickly criticized Jirard for his alleged failures, and collected quite a few views across social media in doing so.

However, it appears Jirard may not be the only online influencer with some charity-related skeletons in their closet. In December 2023, The Jacob Wolf Report brought forward accusations that the marketing agency Brandfluence, formerly known as Softgiving, had committed charity fraud. The agency acted as the middle-man between OTK and various charities and is alleged to have pocketed 42% of donations from OTK charity streams.

Did Asmongold and OTK commit charity fraud?

There is currently no official confirmation that Asmongold and OTK were complicit in any sort of charity fraud.  However, the streamer group is currently immersed in a heap of accusations and questions from fans and critics alike. If the accusations of charity fraud and other related claims turn out to be true, and if OTK is found to be maliciously compliant, it could potentially spell trouble for the group and the streamers associated with it, including Asmongold.


Reporter Jacob Wolf began his investigation in 2021 and used interviews from numerous streamers, as well as public tax records, to support his claims. Wolf also claims that no one from OTK has responded to any of his inquiries. OTK has not issued any unified public response to the accusations at this time. 

Has Asmongold responded to charity fraud allegations?

Asmongold has not yet directly responded to any charity fraud allegations. Instead, he has downplayed the criticism and implied that he doesn’t need to respond to any such allegations to begin with. 

Several of his critics were quick to point out the apparent hypocrisy of his response, given his penchant for going into great detail when other streamers are involved in similar drama. 

It is worth pointing out that Asmongold has been accused of preventing discussion of these claims on his official channels. At least one social media user has shown screenshots of keywords such as “charity” and “Jacob Wolf” being banned from Asmongold’s Twitch chat.

Additionally, Jacob Wolf’s website could not be linked to in the Asmongold subreddit. Whether that is by design or just evidence of a general filter is unclear.

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