Sodapoppin calls out xQc, Asmongold over OnlyFangs restreams

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Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris has put his foot down once again when it comes to WoW Classic Hardcore guild OnlyFangs, and specifically called out Asmongold and Felix “xQc” Lengyel.

It didn’t take long for Sodapoppin to spell out his high demands of OnlyFangs, kicking many of them for not taking World of Warcraft seriously enough. With the guild now preparing for its first level-60 raid, he’s hoping that it becomes a bona fide appointment-viewing event on Twitch. And he’s not keen on the idea of other streamers siphoning viewers away from the actual guild members.

Sodapoppin called out some of the most prolific “reaction” streamers on Twitch and told them not to steer viewers away from OnlyFangs. He also spelled out what kind of content can be made surrounding the raid, potentially setting up a major feud with some of Twitch’s biggest names.

Sodapoppin calls out xQc, Asmongold regarding OnlyFangs WoW Classic raid

Sodapoppin stated that he doesn’t want any streaming of OnlyFangs’ first level-60 raid in WoW Classic Hardcore, and specifically barred Asmongold and xQc from doing so.

During his November 26 stream, Sodapoppin bristled over the idea of outside streamers restreaming the raid. When discussing the matter, he left no room for confusion. He does not want other streamers restreaming the event and taking viewership away from those who put in the hours of grinding that made the event possible.

It’s easy to see why Sodapoppin would have such strong feelings about other streamers rebroadcasting OnlyFangs content. It takes an incredible amount of time to grind to level 60 in World of Warcraft, and playing hardcore mode means any death sets a player back to level one. Sodapoppin wants to make sure that the guild members who put in the hours get all the rewards for those efforts.

Sodapoppin explicitly stated that this included streamers xQc and fellow OTK streamer Asmongold from live reacting to the raid as it happened. Asmongold is known for his World of Warcraft content, while xQc has some controversy around his inclusion and subsequent removal from the OnlyFangs guild. Both are known for doing “reaction” content where they watch others’ content on-stream. They’ve also been lightning rods for controversy because of this, with content creators discussing how they are effectively stealing viewers.

Sodapoppin stated that it’s fine to do reaction content after the raid has finished.

When asked what he could do to stop other streamers in his chat, Sodapoppin replied that just him saying “no” should be enough. In a perfect world this would be enough, but there have been instances where the wishes of creators haven’t been followed by others.

Fan reactions to Sodapoppin’s guidelines for OnlyFangs restreaming were generally positive. The question is whether other big-name streamers will oblige and let the guild squeeze the full juice from their efforts

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