Find out the new release date for Destiny 2: The Final Shape

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Destiny 2 fans will have to wait a little longer for The Final Shape expansion, but Bungie is making the wait more bearable with some additional seasonal content.

In a recent press release, the developer announced a delay in Destiny 2’s highly anticipated The Final Shape expansion. Bungie says this stems from the studio’s desire to deliver an even more extensive, impactful expansion than it initially envisioned. The Final Shape was scheduled for a February 27, 2024 release.

The delay will ideally give the Destiny 2 development team valuable breathing room to maximize The Final Shape. This also raises fans’ expectations for the expansion. The good news for fans is that they’ll still get some new content to enjoy ahead of its release.

When is Destiny 2 The Final Shape coming out?

Destiny 2 is now confirmed to be released on June 4, 2024. To fill the void between the current season and the now-delayed expansion, Bungie has published a roadmap of seasonal content updates.

According to Bungie, The Final Shape update is a culmination of the first 10 years of the game’s story. It plans to go the extra mile to make the update special. This delay could also be seen as a strategic move to regain momentum following a less-than-stellar year.

Bungie has faced challenges throughout this year, joining the likes of Amazon Games in implementing sweeping layoffs. In announcing the layoffs, Bungie issued a statement that alluded to fan frustration with Lightfall expansion and recent Destiny 2 seasons. This may play into the company’s decision to heavily prioritize the development of the next expansion.

Detiny 2 The Final Shape Delay

The Final Shape will also mark the start of a new approach to content in Destiny 2, with the game releasing “episodes” instead of four seasons in a year. While there are many variables to a game’s continued success, the new format may deliver more focused and impactful experience.

Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish extended

Fans will still have some new content to enjoy between now and June 2024, though.

Season of the Wish, which begins on November 28, 2023, will continue in Destiny 2 until The Final Shape’s release. In February 2024, Guardians can embark on new weekly progression-based quests known as Wishes. Alongside these are Moments of Triumph, which usually offer good rewards for players.

In addition to the seasonal content, Bungie’s PvP Strike Team will deliver ongoing support for Destiny 2’s competitive multiplayer experience. This includes the introduction of three new PvP maps, set for release in May 2024.

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