Report: 3 Nintendo Direct-style events coming, here’s what they are

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Nintendo reportedly has big plans over the next month and a half, with a Nintendo Direct, Pokemon Day, and a potential Switch 2 reveal in the coming weeks.

2024 looks to be a big year for Nintendo, even if there aren’t any major releases lined up for the next several months. Reports of the Switch 2 have become more frequent in recent weeks, with many sources claiming that the Switch 2’s official reveal is imminent. Elsewhere, while Pokemon news for early 2024 centered around the Pokemon-style survival game Palworld, big announcements may make fans forget about the competition in the upcoming Pokemon Day event.

However, the more immediate announcements could arrive in a February Nintendo Direct. Reports of a Nintendo Direct have been swirling since January, and a February or March Nintendo event has been the norm for years now. Recent reports may reveal when the Nintendo Direct will happen and what it might contain.

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What’s going to be in the February 2024 Nintendo Direct?

The Nintendo Direct in February 2024 will likely be a partner showcase and could reveal details regarding Xbox games being ported to Nintendo hardware.

Much like Pokemon Day, there’s a cadence to Nintendo Directs with one typically set for November and another set for February or March each year. There’s little question regarding what will be included in this

Pyoro, a notable Nintendo leaker, has accurately reported on Nintendo news before their official announcement. In June 2023, they spoiled Super Mario Wonder’s trailer before it dropped with a series of emojis. Once the trailer came out, the sequence of emojis they teased came to pass. Recently, Pyoro responded to a query on social media about what the next Nintendo Direct will include. Pyoro states they are “not aware of any imminent first-party announcements” for the Nintendo Direct.

Surrounding this, others have specifically pointed to February 15 as the likely date for the next Nintendo Direct event. The general belief is that it’s set to be a “partner showcase” event featuring major third-party releases. Following those reports, Xbox announced that it plans to reveal an “update on the Xbox business” on that date. This has many believing that the centerpiece of this showcase will be the announcement of which Xbox games are coming to Nintendo platforms, with Hi-Fi Rush effectively already confirmed.

Pokemon Day coming soon, reportedly ahead of Switch 2 reveal

Pokemon Day occurs on February 27, 2024, and the Switch 2 announcement is reportedly coming in the following weeks.

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Typically,  Nintendo holds a Pokemon Direct to celebrate Pokemon Day. Every year, Pokemon Direct announces a major Pokemon title or DLC. In 2023, the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC “The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero” was announced.

It’s unlikely that GameFreak will announce more DLC for the nearly two-year-old game, so a new mainline Pokemon game or games is possible. As for the Switch 2, leakers and reporters agree that Nintendo will reveal the Switch 2 in March 2024. The Switch 2 reveal may coincide with Nintendo’s latest first-party announcements. One thing’s for sure: Nintendo fans have a stacked few weeks of news ahead of them.

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