Next Nintendo Direct likely coming soon, will it reveal Switch 2?

nintendo direct coming soon

All signs point to the first Nintendo Direct showcase event of 2024 coming in the very near future, and there’s a strong chance that it will see the official reveal of the Switch 2 next-gen console.

Microsoft and PlayStation started the year strong with their respective showcases. Xbox Developer Direct and State of Play revealed several heavy hitters for both Xbox and PlayStation in 2024. With the likes of Death Stranding 2 and Avowed to contend with, Nintendo needs some strong titles to get fans excited.

Nintendo is doing just that if Nick Baker of the Xbox Era podcast’s statements are accurate. In a stream by YouTuber Nintendo Prime, Baker left a message in the creator’s chat teasing a direct for next week. 

Is Nintendo Direct confirmed for February 2024?

Nintendo has not officially confirmed a Nintendo Direct for February, but there’s a strong chance it will happen.

Nintendo has held a Nintendo Direct in either February or March every year since 2020. In February 2023’s Direct, Nintendo showcased Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Metroid Prime Remastered, and Pikmin 4. 

Baker’s bona fides when it comes to breaking news across the game industry are particularly strong of late, including his reveal of many details on the recent State of Play. This included the event’s date as well as many of the games that were included, ranging from obvious ones like Death Stranding 2 to some of the more surprising titles. 

Switch 2 would likely be the centerpiece of 2024’s first Nintendo Direct

The reveal of the Nintendo Switch 2 will likely be revealed at a Nintendo Direct event in 2024, with the first one of the year being the most likely candidate.

Nintendo’s lineup of upcoming games is noticeably barren, with Princess Peach: Showtime being the only original first-party game on the horizon. The only other major title that has been confirmed by Nintendo is Metroid Prime 4. The game has been in limbo for years due to a development reboot, but is still in the works from Retro Studios. The company has been hiring for roles such as concept artists and cinematics, suggesting its engine, mechanics, and level design are finished and that it’s putting the finishing touches on visuals.

Nintendo’s only other major project is The Legend of Zelda movie, which was confirmed in November 2023. A number of trademarks were also filed in releation to a possible new Star Fox project. Regardless, Nintendo fans won’t have to wait long to see what the company has in store for 2024.

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