Pokimane talks YouTube streaming plans, chances of move to Kick

is pokimane youtube exclusive

Pokimane delved into her long-term plans and discussed her plans for a first-ever livestream on YouTube after her shocking departure from Twitch.

Twitch said goodbye to Pokimane after a decade of exclusivity on the streaming platform. Although Pokimane’s contract has expired in the past, her statements then were less final. In a January 2022 tweet, she stated that her Twitch contract ended, but not her relationship with Twitch. Soon enough, Pokimane struck up a new exclusivity deal with Twitch in 2022.

In sharp contrast, Pokimane stated in her January 2024 tweet that it was the “end of an era” and thanked Twitch for all the memories. Twitch responded by stating Pokimane would “always have a home on Twitch.” The final nail in the coffin arrives as Pokimane confirms her next streaming platform.

Will Pokimane be streaming on YouTube?

Pokimane will stream on YouTube for the first time on February 1, 12 pm PT and will continue streaming on the platform for some time after.

Pokimane stated on her podcast “Don’t Tell Anyone with Pokimane” that the culture of toxicity at Twitch and a lack of financial growth are the primary reasons for her exit. Although Pokimane is open to streaming on Twitch in the future, she’s made it clear she’s happier going wherever she wants. In 2023 she started moving away from being exclusively attached to Twitch and began creating more content on other social media platforms.

With the exclusivity contract gone, Pokimane will expand her brand on YouTube Gaming’s streaming platform. YouTube is one of Twitch’s biggest competitors in terms of reach and has signed a number of big-name streamers away from Twitch, most notably Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren. Pokimane praised YouTube, saying it’s “more like you’re on an island.”

She appreciates that her audience will primarily be made up of fans instead of random trolls. 

However, Pokimane will not be exclusive to YouTube. She noted how difficult it is to grow on YouTube streaming versus Twitch. She describes it as a “revolving door” with people coming in and out faster than her now-former platform. Still, the success of streamers like Ludwig and the Hololive Vtuber agency proves the platform has plenty of staying power. 

Will Pokimane be streaming on Kick?

Pokimane will be streaming on TikTok and Instagram. She’s enjoying her free-agent status and experiencing other platforms before deciding on a permanent streaming home. TikTok presents a challenging task for Pokimane. She notes that TikTok streams would need “24/7 captivating” content, owing to the audience’s short attention spans. 

Notably, Pokimane is not interested in streaming on Facebook or Kick.

Her primarily Western audience does not use Facebook and she jokingly stated Facebook streaming is where “streamers go to retire.” Her primary reason for not streaming on Kick is the company’s ties to online crypto gambling. Pokimane expressed she wasn’t comfortable bringing her audience to an environment that enables addiction. Kick seemingly jabbed at Pokimane over her split with Twitch, suggesting fans shouldn’t expect her to make the jump.

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