Pokimane may be leaving Twitch in 2024, so what’s next for her?

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Famous streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys set social media ablaze with a 2024 announcement that implies she’s leaving Twitch. But is she really, and if so, what’s her next big move?

Pokimane has long been one of the biggest figures in all of the livestreaming, and has specifically established herself as a star on monolithic streaming platform Twitch. But nothing lasts forever, and the streamer took to social media with a post that implied her time on Twitch could be coming to an end.

But what does her statement really mean?

Pokimane may be back streaming on Twitch with new contract

It’s possible that may not be leaving Twitch, and instead may return with a new contract in hand. This isn’t the first time the streamer made an announcement that was taken as a sign of departure from the Amazon-owned platform. She made a similar statement in January of 2022, almost exactly two years prior to her latest post.

That announcement turned out to be related to the end of her exclusive streaming contract with Twitch. A short time later, Pokimane signed a brand new contract with Twitch, and after all of the hubbub and discussion around her future, she was right back where she started.

The streaming platform also commented on this latest post, which has further fueled speculation about what the future could hold, and may be a sign that no exclusive agreement will follow this time around.

Where is Pokimane streaming after Twitch?

If Pokimane does decide to leave Twitch, all eyes will be on where she chooses to go about streaming next. No announcements have been made in this regard, but the star streamer does have a few options available to her.

Pokimane Cosplay Sage Valorant

If Pokimane is leaving Twitch, she could just to go to rival platform YouTube, though this may be unlikely given that YouTube has seemingly shied away from handing out big competing contracts to Twitch streamers. One platform that is more actively competing for attention is kick, and it’s possible that Pokimane may have received a large offer there.

There are also rumors circulating about a new streaming platform driven in part by fellow streamer Ludwig Ahgren, but with few details to go on there, any speculation on such a move is just that.

Regardless of her next step, there’s little doubt that where Pokimane goes, much attention will follow.

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