Will Suicide Squad have Denuvo? We have the answer

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It has been confirmed whether Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will have the anti-cheat engine and DRM Denuvo, and fans are not pleased with the answer.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is releasing soon, and it looks like Rocksteady is adding the infamous Denuvo anti-tampering DRM to the game. Denuvo has become a hot-button subject with gamers due to alleged performance issues and incompatibility with some mods. It reached a point where a game’s use of Denuvo becomes a major talking point on social media, which was recently seen with Tekken 8.

With Suicide Squad already controversial, there were questions about whether WB Games would let fans have their own fun in the game, especially with the confirmed single-player mode. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like that is the case.

Will Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League have Denuvo?

The Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Steam page reveals that the game will have Denuvo.

While the anti-tamper tool’s inclusion may prevent piracy and help the game’s sales, PC players are skeptical of this DRM’s inclusion. Denuvo requires players to connect to the internet periodically, creating a faux always-online requirement.

Although the connection requirement likely won’t be a problem during the game’s launch as it’s primarily a multiplayer-only live-service title, it will make things harder for PC players whenever the game’s developer-confirmed single-player mode releases. Players without stable internet connections won’t be able to reliably enjoy a solo game.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was lined up for performance issues regardless

It’s unclear if Denuvo will negatively affect Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s performance.

However, Denuvo reportedly increases CPU usage and loading times, which might affect the title’s performance. Denuvo has pushed back against complaints of its software harming performance.

Various PC releases including Dying Light 2 and Borderlands 3 have reportedly run poorly due to Denuvo. The DRM goes through the game’s files during gameplay to check if it’s not being tampered with, so PC players with weaker CPUs can suffer from performance hiccups and increased loading times.

Making matters worse is that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League reportedly won’t have review copies sent out to gaming media. All of this, mixed with Rocksteady’s history with subpar PC ports, the high system requirements for Suicide Squad, and how the developers seemingly snuck Denuvo in at the last minute, has PC players suspicious of the game’s quality.

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