A new Star Fox game may be coming, is it a Switch 2 launch title?

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There’s reason to believe that a new Star Fox game will be the big launch title of the Nintendo Switch 2.

Though the company is still denying it, all signs point to a next-gen Nintendo console launching late in 2024. The console dubbed “Nintendo Switch 2” by fans has been the subject of leaks and reports for a long while now. Though the console itself has been the focus of most of the discussion, little has been said about what games will be available at launch.

Nintendo traditionally has one major first-party release around launch day to build around, from Super Smash Bros Melee to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. While history suggests that Pokemon Black 3 and White 3 would be the main candidates for this, evidence shows that it might instead be a revival of Star Fox.

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Will there be a new Star Fox game?

Trademark filings by Nintendo suggest that a new Star Fox game may be coming. Forums and social media chatter have seen an uptick in discussion around the series due to trademark filings related to the series in multiple countries in late 2023.

All that’s known for certain is that Nintendo has filed for renewed trademarks related to the Star Fox name. While this could merely be a general precaution to keep rights to the trademark, the filings fell under the “new software and entertainment” category, suggesting there may be more to it.

The nature of these filings implies that Nintendo may have plans to release a new game of some kind. What this entails is unclear, however. Nintendo is seemingly winding down its efforts for new Nintendo Switch titles, with Princess Peach: Showtime being the only major original first-party release currently on the calendar. Everything else in the works is either a remake or a handheld game like Mario vs Donkey Kong or a port.

Is the next Star Fox game new or a remake?

It’s unknown what a new Star Fox game would be, or if one will be released at all.

The last mainline entry in the Star Fox franchise was Star Fox Zero for the Wii U in 2016. Before that, there was Star Fox Assault for the GameCube and Star Fox Command for the Nintendo DS. In between those are Wii U digital-only spin-off Star Fox Guard and Star Fox 64’s remake on the Nintendo 3DS.

Given how Nintendo has neglected the franchise, fans are naturally excited about the idea of a new Star Fox game for the first time in seven years. Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Assault both received a middling reception and Star Fox Command is somewhat controversial for its major changes to the Star Fox formula. An on-rails shooter in the classic Star Fox style with modern hardware would be an interesting prospect, and it’s one that hasn’t been seen at a AAA level in years.

None of this is confirmed, however. At this point, it’s anybody’s guess whether there’ll be yet another remake or spinoff, a truly new Star Fox title, or no game at all.

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