Nintendo and Sony team up for live-action Legend of Zelda movie

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In a shocking move, gaming rivals Nintendo and Sony are putting aside their differences and teaming up to make a live-action Legend of Zelda movie.

Nintendo has announced its plans to venture back into the world of live-action cinema. The gaming giant revealed today that it has plans to produce a live-action film adaptation of The Legend of Zelda, one of its most cherished and iconic video game franchises. The movie will be produced by Shigeru Miyamoto with Arad Productions, Inc. also attached to the project.

It’s a massive move for Nintendo as it doubles down on the film industry, even as it turns away from Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. There are some big names attached to the project though, and fans are surely wondering what Link completing quests would look like in real life.

Who is making the Legend of Zelda movie?

Wes Ball is set to direct the live-action Legend of Zelda film with Nintendo and Sony Pictures jointly financing it.

Wes Ball is known for the Maze Runner film trilogy and is set to direct. His next project is Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, which is scheduled for release next year. Avi Arad, who worked as a producer on a long list of live-action and animated movies including almost all of Sony Pictures’ Marvel Comics adaptations, is also attached to the project.

Furthermore, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc. will take on the responsibility of worldwide theatrical distribution, guaranteeing that the film will reach audiences on a global scale. Similar to the Super Mario. Bros movie, Nintendo is set to contribute 50% of the money to Zelda’s production budget.

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The Legend of Zelda has long held a special place in the hearts of gamers worldwide and fans have eagerly anticipated the prospect of Link, Zelda, and the enchanting land of Hyrule coming to life on the big screen. With this new collaboration between Nintendo, Arad Productions Inc., and Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., that dream is set to become a reality.

Nintendo has already demonstrated its ability to transform video game titles into lucrative movies. The Super Mario Bros. Movie had remarkable success, amassing $1.36 billion at the box office. It became the highest-grossing video game film within just a week of its release and Nintendo is hoping to replicate this success with this Zelda movie. Fans will be eager to see what the film might look like, as well as how the silent protagonist might feel on the big screen.

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