How to give Billson mushrooms at Skyview Tower in Zelda: TotK

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players might think they need to give Billson mushrooms in order to access the Skyview Tower, but that’s not actually the case.

Towers are important in Tears of the Kingdom, as they let players flesh out their map and gain a top-down view of Hyrule. The trouble is that the Skyview Tower is locked up, with a Rito named Billson looking for a way in. Billson discusses hunting mushrooms in the caves underneath the tower and while this might suggest that Link needs to bring him some mushrooms in order to open the front door, Link actually needs to barge into the tower himself.

This isn’t done through anything involving mushrooms, though. Much like with finding Robbie in the Depths, things are a bit tougher here than they should be. The recommendation of checking out the cave is instead a hint regarding the tower’s entry point, rather than a request to advance the quest line.

Can you give Billson mushrooms?

Players are not actually able to give Billson mushrooms as part of the quest to enter Skyview Tower. 

While there are mushrooms to be found in the caves beneath the tower and in the surrounding area, there is no way to give them to Billson. There is no dialogue option to hand them over, and dropping them next to him will not advance the quest forward. Instead, players need to find their way into the tower through the caves.

Billson looking for mushrooms Zelda: TotK

The caves feature the normal roundup of items to collect as well as some Horriblins and a Bubbul Gem to hunt down. It’s not a particularly dangerous foray for a properly equipped player, but there isn’t any sort of definitive endpoint to this cave like a shrine or Phantom Ganon encounter. There is still a surprising exit that allows players to complete this quest, though.

How to get into Skyview Tower in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Players can make their way into the Skyview Tower by entering it from below.

After reaching the innermost portion of the cave by breaking through rocks, players need to move directly beneath the tower. This can be tracked using the mini-map. From there, use the Ascend ability to climb through the floor and gain access to the terminal.

Skyview Tower entrance location

Billson also needs to be given access to the tower in order to have Link launch. This can be done by moving a pair of sticks out from either side of the sliding doors. There’s no explanation for why these sticks were placed there, but this ultimately allows Billson to gain entry to Skyview Tower and allows him to repair the launchpad. From there, Link can scan the area for his map and continue the adventure.

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